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Stéfani Ceramic Water Purifier, 6 litre (Stéfani Terracotta)


This gravity-feed water purifier offers the most simple, reliable, economical and natural way to have pure, cool water at the turn of a tap. Water passes through the porcelain “candle” which is filled with granular activated charcoal (GAC), made from coconut shells and then drips into the lower chamber, from which it can be conveniently dispensed. Stefani Ceramic Water Purifier unit includes 1 candle (filter), 1 float valve and 1 tap.

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The Stéfani Traditional water purifier made of terracotta combines tradition and rustic design with the dechlorinating / sterilizing water purification technology.
This filter is 100% handmade and that makes the pieces unique and incomparable, that express a century tradition of purification and storage of a product that refreshes water.
The efficiency of this purifier is guaranteed by a purification process in three stages: filtration, dechlorination and water sterilization, offering users not just the tranquillity of counting with a excellent water quality for drinking and cooking, but also an alternative in adjustment with current concerns with the environment.
Equipped with the new generation of Stefani Clic Taps and Float Valve that doubles the capacity of the filter.
Continuous cooling takes place due to the natural evaporative properties of terracotta, thus providing a constant supply of cool, refreshed water.

About Stéfani Traditional water purifiers:
Drinking water is often contaminated by the time it reaches your tap. This is because pollutants and waste products can be picked up by the water on its way to your tap. Ironically, the chemicals used at water treatment plants to minimise contamination can, in themselves, cause problems. This means that tap water is frequently far from pure and tastes anything by fresh.
Stéfani Traditional water purifiers are made from natural materials and offer natural, chemical –free filtration process. They have been helping to safeguard the health of countless families worldwide for more than 50 years.
Independent laboratory tests around the world have shown conclusively that these purifiers are extremely effective in the removal of water contaminants, including bacteria, metals, chemicals, pesticides and chlorine:

• 98.5% of Chlorine
• 99.4% of Iron
• 99.7% of Copper
• 99.6% of Lead
• 99.4% of Zinc
• 93.0% of Chloroform
• 87.0% of Lindane
• 94.5% of Aluminium
• 97.0% of Bromoform
• 92.0% of Dieldrin
• 99.4% of Manganese
• 99.9% of bacteria
• 99.9% of amoeba
• 95.0% of Dichlorobromomethane
• 93.0% of Dibromochloromethane

How the “triple-safe” process works:
Inside the purified is a purifying candle (filter) of advanced design. It has a micro-porous ceramic outer wall, lined inside with colloidal silver, and holding an inner core of activated charcoal.
The water passed through this filter and drips down pure and safe:
1. The outer micro-porous ceramic pre-filter removes up to 99.9% of bacteria and 99% of suspended solids, by screening down to one micron.
2. The water then passes through the inner core of activated charcoal, which removes bad tastes and odours. This core is protected by a bacteriocidal agent to maintain the purity of water.
3. A small (and necessary) amount of dissolved minerals and active biocides are left in the water to prevent any possibility of recontamination.

How Stefani filtration works

10 Good reasons to use Stéfani Traditional water purifier
1. Inexpensive
2. No installation needed
3. Easy to use
4. Economical
5. It cools too
6. Efficient
7. Ecologically friendly
8. Safe
9. Attractive

Removing of initial earthy taste:
Because the urn is made of clay, you can expect your water to taste “earthy” initially. After about a month this taste will disappear. You can quickly get rid of the taste with the aid of citric acid, obtainable in the cooking section of most supermarkets. Fill the bottom chamber with water and add 2 to 3 level teaspoons of citric acid powder. Place the top chamber in a bucket, cover with water and add the same amount of citric acid. Soak both chambers for 24 hours and then rinse thoroughly. Repeat the process if necessary. Your filter is now ready for us. There might be some residual taste, but it will quickly disappear once you begin using the filter.


Stéfani Terracotta

Stéfani Water Filterations system are made in Brazil by local artisan potters. Healthy. Eco-friendly. Economical. With exclusive and original designs, combining style and efficiency, Stefani water purifiers are ideal for any home or office. Enjoy the most naturally fresh, clean, healthy, and great tasting water with Stefani Terracotta water purifiers! Widely used for decades in the Asian, European and South American sub continents, Stefani terracotta clay water purifiers and gravity fed water purifiers are well known for their evaporating properties, which keeps water naturally fresh and cool. Through this natural evaporative process, the Stefani water purifiers naturally cool water between 10 to 15 degrees below ambient temperatures without using any external source of power. Unlike bottled water and water coolers, The Stefani water purifiers are far more economical, efficient and easy to maintain. Combining efficiency and ease of use, Stefani water crock purifiers offer the safest and most economical way to filter drinking water in your home. Equipped with Silver Coated De-chlorinating/Sterilizing filters, the Stefani water purifiers efficiently reduce fungus, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms and chemicals making water totally safe for consumption. The activated carbon in the filtering candle also guarantees the elimination of bad odours and improves the taste of the water. Water is the most important natural resource that we all need to maintain vitality and a healthy life. Regular tap water has harmful impurities and chemicals that can lead to various health complications. When the water we drink is contaminated, the risk of suffering from water borne diseases and ailments is much higher. Stefani ceramic water crock purifiers are hand made using the finest natural clay and is equipped with de-chlorinating and sterilizing filter elements that make water crystal clear and eliminate impurities present in the water. Stefani water crock purifiers are also equipped with a float-valve that doubles the capacity of the filter preventing lower chamber overflow. All Stefani Terracotta water purifiers include the new clic tap, which is durable and can be used manually. Water pollution is a dilemma that we all face today. In the past few decades, the quality of the water we drink and consume has steadily deteorated. It is fairly common these days to find harmful chemicals such as chlorine and lead in the water in our homes. The best way to safeguard and protect your health is by using a water filtration or purification system at home.
Stéfani Terracotta


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