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Stéfani Water Filter Candle With Silver (Stéfani Terracotta)


A replacement candle filter for gravity fed Stefani terracotta water purifiers. Simple in design and easy to maintain, the Stefani de-chlorinating candle filter features activated carbon, which eliminates bad odours and improves the taste of the water. Stefani de-chlorinating candle filter can last 6 to 9 months depending on usage and local water quality standards.

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Stéfani Terracotta


Stefani De-chlorinating and Sterilizing Filter Candles are coated with silver, the de-chlorinating/sterilizing filter candle reduces fungus, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms and chemicals present in the water. The micro-pores of the ceramic filter wall filter the impurities, resulting in crystalline water.
The activated charcoal present in the filtering element guarantees efficiency in the elimination of bad odours, taste and chlorine present in the water. Water is purified up to the rate of approximately a quarter of a gallon (one litre) per hour per filter/candle.
The advanced design for Filtering Candle includes a micro-porous ceramic outer wall, lined inside with colloidal silver, and holding an inner core of activated charcoal (filters 1.5 micros). As the water passes through the candle the respective layers remove up to 99.9% of bacteria and amoebas and 99% of suspended solids.

Stefani de-chlorinating Candle Filter features:

  • – Triple Safe Filtration System.
  • – Removes up to 99.9% of Amoebas and Bacteria
  • – Removes up to 99% of Suspended Solids
  • – Filters 1.5 micros
  • – Materials- the outer layer is made of ceramic porcelain. The interior of the filter contains granular activated carbon ATC media.
  • – Performance factors- the filter removes chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals including lead, aluminum, iron, giardia, cryptosporidium, e-coli and sediment.
  • – Flow rate: ¼ gallon per hour per filter
  • – Water sources: tap, well, river, lake, stream can be used. Not for use with salt water.

Test results from various local and international water quality laboratories have certified that Stefani water filters consistently remove and reduce the following impurities and contaminants:

  •    99.9% Bacteria
  •    99.9% Amoeba
  •    99.7% Copper
  •    99.6% Lead
  •    98.5% Chlorine
  •    99.4% Iron
  •    99.4% Zinc
  •    97.0% Bromoform
  •    95.0% Dichlorobromomethane
  •    94.5% Aluminum
  •    93.0% Chloroform
  •    93.0% Dibromochloromethane
  •    92.0% Dieldrine
  •    87.0% Lindane

Candle Filter Maintenance:
For best results, the ceramic candle needs to be cleaned regularly and should be replaced periodically. The frequency will depend on the condition of the water supply. A reduced flow of water into the bottom chamber is an indication that cleaning is necessary. To clean the candle, first remove it from the purifier unit. Hold the candle under gently running water and using a stiff brush or the back of a butter knife removes the visible impurities from the candles surface. Scrub off the outer layer of the ceramic filter with a kitchen type scourer (e.g. back of a butter knife) scrubbing it in an up and down motion under running tap. Never use soap or detergents on the candle.
Candle Filter Installation:
No tools are necessary; place washer on threaded stem of filter. Place stem of filter through hole inside upper unit. Hand-tighten with wing nut.
Trouble Shooting Slow Filtration:
Remove the candle filter from the purifier and run water briefly in reverse through the filter candle to remove any possible blockage. Soak the candle filter in the kitchen sink for 2 hours; this gets rid of any fibre or loose particles.

Note: The purified water may have a slight clay taste for up to 4 to 5 weeks. This is not harmful and occurs simply because the terracotta is very dry and unglazed. Emptying the purifier and completely refilling it each day during this initial period will ensure this taste disappears.


Stéfani Terracotta

Stéfani Water Filterations system are made in Brazil by local artisan potters.

Healthy. Eco-friendly. Economical.

With exclusive and original designs, combining style and efficiency, Stefani water purifiers are ideal for any home or office. Enjoy the most naturally fresh, clean, healthy, and great tasting water with Stefani Terracotta water purifiers!

Widely used for decades in the Asian, European and South American sub continents, Stefani terracotta clay water purifiers and gravity fed water purifiers are well known for their evaporating properties, which keeps water naturally fresh and cool. Through this natural evaporative process, the Stefani water purifiers naturally cool water between 10 to 15 degrees below ambient temperatures without using any external source of power. Unlike bottled water and water coolers, The Stefani water purifiers are far more economical, efficient and easy to maintain.

Combining efficiency and ease of use, Stefani water crock purifiers offer the safest and most economical way to filter drinking water in your home. Equipped with Silver Coated De-chlorinating/Sterilizing filters, the Stefani water purifiers efficiently reduce fungus, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms and chemicals making water totally safe for consumption. The activated carbon in the filtering candle also guarantees the elimination of bad odours and improves the taste of the water.

Water is the most important natural resource that we all need to maintain vitality and a healthy life. Regular tap water has harmful impurities and chemicals that can lead to various health complications. When the water we drink is contaminated, the risk of suffering from water borne diseases and ailments is much higher.

Stefani ceramic water crock purifiers are hand made using the finest natural clay and is equipped with de-chlorinating and sterilizing filter elements that make water crystal clear and eliminate impurities present in the water. Stefani water crock purifiers are also equipped with a float-valve that doubles the capacity of the filter preventing lower chamber overflow. All Stefani Terracotta water purifiers include the new clic tap, which is durable and can be used manually.

Water pollution is a dilemma that we all face today. In the past few decades, the quality of the water we drink and consume has steadily deteorated. It is fairly common these days to find harmful chemicals such as chlorine and lead in the water in our homes. The best way to safeguard and protect your health is by using a water filtration or purification system at home.

Stéfani Terracotta


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