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Super Natural C (Vibrant Health)


Super Natural C is a high ORAC, plant-based vitamin C supplement from certified organic Amla, Acerola, and wildcrafted Camu-Camu extracts. It’s a Vitamin C supplement your body can recognize and synthesize as a food source.

  • 100% Plant-based Vitamin C complex
  • Supports immune system and healthy aging
  • No added ascorbic acid

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Vibrant Health


60 capsules
Amount per serving
Vitamin C (from plants)                                      286mg
Wildcrafted Camu Camu fruit extract                   400mg
(20% natural Vitamin C, 80mg)
Orgen-C Amla fruit extract, certified organic        300mg
(std. to 25% Vitamin C, 150mg)
Acerola Berry extract, certified organic                200mg
(std. to 25% Vitamin C, 50mg)
Orgen-CR Amla fruit extract, certified organic       120mg
(std. to 5% Vitamin C, 6mg/10% bioflavonoids/45% polyphenols)
Grape Seed extract                                             64mg
(std. to 95% polyphenols/40% OPCs)
Acai Fruit juice powder                                        40mg
Amla Fruit extract                                               40mg
(std. to 50% gallates/ 10% beta-glucogallins, 20mg)
Green Tea Leaf extract, decaffeinated                  40mg
(std. to 98% polyphenols/60% catechins/ 50% EGCG)
Pomegranate whole fruit extract                          40mg
(std. to 70% elagic acid, 28mg)
BioPerine black pepper fruit extract                     10mg
(std. to 95% piperine, 9.5mg)
Quercetin from sophora japonica fruit extract        4mg
Wild Blueberry whole fruit extract                    3.88mg
Resveratrol knotweed root extract                        2mg
Raspberry seed powder                                        1mg
Cranberry whole fruit powder                           972mcg
Prune whole fruit powder                                 972mcg
Wild Bilberry whole fruit powder                       972mcg`
Strawberry whole fruit powder                         972mcg
Tart cherry whole fruit powder                          852mcg
Other ingredients: vegetable cellulose capsule, magnesium stearate, rice flour, silicon dioxide

Directions to use: As a dietary supplement take 2 capsules daily or more as directed by your health practitioner.

More about Vibrant Health Super Natural C:
Super Natural C is highly absorbable compared to synthetic vitamin C, mostly seen as ascorbic acid, which is synthesized from corn sugar. Many people have developed an allergy to synthetic vitamin C, so a plant-based alternative is welcomed. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects cells from damaging free radicals. It supports a healthy immune system and can be taken daily, though customers often reach to Super Natural C during cold and flu season. Vitamin C also supports healthy aging and clear, crisp vision.
Amla provides a strong source of Vitamin C, which helps strengthens the immune system and is naturally beneficial for blood sugar control.
Camu-Camu contains more natural Vitamin C than any other fruit on the planet. It helps boost circulation, and may support pain management, anti-viral activity, immunity, energy, and healthy vision.
Acerola contains as much as 1000 to 4500 milligrams of Vitamin C per 100 grams of edible fruit and supports healthy skin, vision, circulation, joints, liver function, and red blood cell production.


Vibrant Health

Vibrant Health has been a trusted name in nutritional supplements industry since 1992.

They maximize quality and potency, do not use proprietary blends, and disclose each ingredient and amount on the label—because you deserve to know.

The original formula of Green Vibrance was first introduced in 1992 containing 38 ingredients, carefully selected to aid detoxification, provide antioxidant protection and micronutrition, and rehabilitate abused digestive tracts.

More than 25 years later, Vibrant Health remain dedicated to crafting an award-winning family of products with your optimum health in mind. They are proud to have built a company that delivers nutrition you can trust, sourcing and managing every raw ingredient for maximum quality and potency.

Vibrant Health


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