Way To Right (You Gui Wan) (ChinaHerb)


Way to Right is a Traditional Chinese Medicine product designed to address health issues related to Yang Deficiency. This pure herbal formulation is mainly used to treat sexual dysfunctions, sperm deficiency and osteoporosis caused by insufficient Kidney Yang, chronic bronchitis and asthma, early and late menstruation, absence of menstruation (Amenorrhoea), underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism), aching and lassitude in lower back and legs, cold feeling in the lower part of the body or limbs, and other diseases with symptoms of Yang Deficiency in both men and women.

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60 tablets

Each tablet contains:
Rehmannia glutinosa Rhozoma (Shu Di Huang) 102.4mg
Cistanche deserticola Herba (Rou Cong Rong)    51.2mg
Achyranthes bidentata Radix (Huai Niu Xi)           38.4mg
Dioscorea opposita Rhizoma (Shan Yao)              38.4mg
Cornus officinalis Fructus (Shan Zhu Yu)              38.4mg
Lycium barbarum Fructus (Gou Qi Zi)                   51.2mg
Eucommia ulmoides Cortex (Du Zhong)               51.2mg
Cinnamomum cassia Cortex (Rou Gui)                 12.8mg
Morinda officinalis Radix (Ba Ji Tian)                    51.2mg
Schisandra chinensis Fructus (Wu Wei Zi)              32mg
Cuscuta chinensis Semen (Tu Si Zi)                     57.6mg
Psoralea corylifolia Fructus(Bu Gu Zhi)                51.2mg
Angelica chinensis Radix (Dang Gui)                      32mg
Panax ginseng Radix (Ren Shen)                           32mg

  • Pure herbal product
  • No animal ingredients

Directions to use: Adults: Take 2 (two) tablets 2 (two) times a day 30 minutes before or after meals or as directed by a Tradidional Chinese Medicine practitioner.

Did you know?
Way to Right was created by Zhang Jingyue, a Chinese medicine doctor in the Ming Dynasty. The formula follows the philosophy: “Those who nourish the Yang will seek the nourishing Yang from the replenishing Yin, and the Yang can only be constantly generated by the Yin’s support”. This formula is pure tonic and the effect of nourishing the Kidney and strengthening the Yang is stronger than that of Tonic Yang. It is suitable for cases of particularly weak Kidney Yang.

Disclaimer: This unregistered medicine has not been evaluated by the SAHPRA for its quality, safety or intended use.



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