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Organic Choice

Most of us know what organic means and why organic food is better for us, but have we ever read the ingredients on a shampoo bottle or dishwashing liquid? We do not ask what are parabens, diethanolamine (DEA), sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate (SLS) or phthalates. We believe in legislation and regulation bodies to control what is used and entrust our health and lives in the hands of a system working on presumption that chemicals are safe until proven hazardous.

Many synthetic ingredients, classified as toxic or potentially dangerous, have been used in beauty and cleaning products for decades. They are allowed by existing regulations because application of small quantities of chemicals is considered to be safe. However, latest scientific research shows that long term exposure to tiny doses of chemicals can have the same disastrous effect to health as exposure to large doses.

With about 80,000 different chemicals present in our life – from food, cosmetics and medicines to furniture and cell phones, only about a thousand are properly assessed for safety. We can’t afford to be ignorant.

Organic Choice was created to help more people understand what goes into products used every day. We provide information about latest research and data of ingredients, effect of synthetic additives on our health, eco-living tips, organic news and much more.

The company has started as a small family run business in 2009 aiming to provide healthier alternatives to everybody looking for natural and organic cosmetic products. Not being able to buy such products locally for years, we wanted to help our customers find excellent local brands with exceptional natural products at very affordable pricing. The green industry in South Africa has been growing very fast for the last few years and our small business grew to become a full health shop and online retailer offering wide variety of safe, clean and environmentally friendly ranges. Now our shop is stocked with over 2000 natural products from facial care to toilet cleaners and cloth nappies.

We offer a choice of natural and/or organic products that do not contain any harmful synthetic ingredients and are safe for us, our children and the environment.


“If it is not natural or organic, you won’t find it here”.

Client Testimonials


Very friendly people who will always give advices. I got to know them while they were still operating in their house. They have grow so much to be the biggest and knowledgeable company that they are. Keep up the good work Lily and the team.


Antony Goedhals

Wonderful shop! Very helpful staff!

Antony Goedhals

Jaco Kruger

Professional and friendly. There is just about any product for your need – healthy and organic.

I would recommend anyone to first visit here before going to the doctor or visiting the local shopping mall.

Jaco Kruger

Melissa Toh

Just quaint and lovely. A definite sparkle in the neighbourhood.

Friendly staff, reasonable prices and a reasonable selection.

Just about 6 months and I hope they last forever!

I bought some raw unrefined Shea butter here. I had looked at several stores and their price for the item was the best, comparing quantity, quality and cost.:) won me over for sure!

Melissa Toh

A huge thank you for keeping those aside for me!

A huge thank you for keeping those aside for me! Also I’m always impressed by you guys, couldn’t believe my order arrived on Monday when I’d only just placed it on Sunday.
Thanks for the superb service and super fast replies.

Carla Tenzer

Very impressive customer service!

Thank you. I’ve bought serrapaptase yesterday from you and it was already delivered this morning. It’s very impressive customer service. Be sure that everyone I know will hear about you.

Sarel Lourens

Client Testimonials