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Our Services

Services, sessions & consultations at our premises

Live Blood Analysis

Mariama Maluto Barry – Body Stress Release

Luzanne Herbst – Integrative and Functional Nutritionist


Alternative practitioners & services we highly recommend:

Dr. Johan Fourie – Integrative Medical Doctor

Ingrid Brits – Biokinetisist

Elsa Kruger – Thermal Screening

LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS sessions/consultations

Andria Grimsehl

Live Blood Analysis is a method of analysing the blood under a microscope. It is not a diagnostic tool, but rather a complementary instrument to enable us to give the best possible advice for supplementation.


Mariama Malumo

Body Stress Release is a gentle and effective way to assist the body with releasing stored tension from the muscles. This complementary health care technique was researched and developed in South Africa in the 1980s by Gail and Ewald Meggersee.

THERMAL SCREENING sessions/consultations

Elsa Kruger

Elsa Kruger is a qualified thermographer and health coach. Thermal imaging or thermal scan is a non-invasive, no radiation procedure that can help with early detection of the warning signs of breast cancer, heart disease, stroke warnings, early signs of diabetes or insulin resistance, and elevated levels of inflammation.


Dr. Johan Fourie

Dr. Johan Fourie is a specialist in integrated holistic health science at Infinito Health where their goal is to improve general health and wellbeing using a holistic approach.


Luzanne Herbst

At weaving to wellness we believe that our bodies were created to heal itself when given the right building blocks. Luzanne’s passion is to assist you on the road to heath and wellness. Together we will address dis-ease, by balancing your body to heal itself by giving it the nutrition it needs.