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Dr. Johan Fourie

To book an appointment:

T: 083 947 1749

C: 073 352 4340


Dr. Johan Fourie is a specialist in integrated holistic health science at Infinito Health where their goal is to improve general health and wellbeing using a holistic approach.

At Infinito Health their services go beyond physical healing, as they are interested in the person as a whole – both body and mind. Dr. Johan Fourie works alongside other physicians and clinical healthcare practitioners to ensure that their clients get the wellness support that they need.

The primary goal of this wellness counselling practice is to gain ultimate balance and integration in life, thereby achieving optimal wellbeing.

The guiding principles are rooted in awareness, coaching empowerment, and self-care orientation through natural means, taking into effect the dynamics of the entire body and how the individual body parts work together to create optimal health.