Back to Nature has the greatest intention to inspire people to do just that… ‘Go back to Nature’.
Back 2 Nature as a product range, encourages you to make the choice to be a conscious consumer, also making it accessible and affordable for everyone.
Back 2 Nature aspires to have a minimal impact on the health of our planet:

  • Supporting local farmers, using indigenous ingredients to South Africa as much as possible.
  • All of packaging is recyclable.
  • No chemicals, alcohol, flouride, parabens or chemical preservatives are used in their products.
  • No animals products are used.
  • All products are bio-degradable and eco-friendly. Avoiding pollution into our waterways, oceans, soil, atmosphere and into our bodies.

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  • Back2Nature Insect Repellent, 100ml

    Natural Insect Repellent, 100ml (Back2Nature)

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  • Back2Nature Mineral Toothpaste, 100ml

    Mineral Toothpaste, 100ml (Back2Nature)

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  • Back2Nature CBD Body Oil, 100ml

    CBD Body Oil, Cellulite, Stretch Mark & Scar (Back2Nature)

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  • Back2Nature Repairing Fynbos Mask, 100ml

    Repairing Fynbos Mask, 100ml (Back2Nature)

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  • Detoxifying Earth Mask, 100ml (Back2Nature)

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  • Back2Nature Golden Glow Botanical Serum, 30ml

    Golden Glow Botanic Serum, 30ml (Back2Nature)

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  • Back2Nature Anti-Ageing Night Balm, 50m

    Anti-ageing Night Balm, 50ml (Back2Nature)

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  • Back2Nature Face Food Day Balm, 50ml

    Face Food Day Balm, 50ml (Back2Nature)

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  • Back2Nature Calming Face Toner, 100ml

    Calming Face Toner, 200ml (Back2Nature)

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