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The holiday season is already a distant memory, work is in full swing and the kids are back at school. We’re once again starting each morning thinking and planning out each new day as we navigate the day-to-day stresses of everyday life. Added to that, some of us are undoubtedly carrying around evidence of our holiday excesses as our bathroom scales do their best to scare us.

A constant stressor in many of our lives is how to make sure that we eat enough throughout the day to give us energy, without making use of quick and easy unhealthy snacks or fast food. In the whirl of the day, it may seem convenient to munch on a pack of chips or sweets at our desks, or quickly try to fill up with a burger hastily purchased at a drive-through window.  In reality, these habits are more than likely sapping our energy and not providing the essential nutrients and properties that help the brain to function optimally.

For those of us who seem to never pull off the meal planning or daily smoothie routines that are all over our Instagram feeds, there is a surprisingly simple solution. Replace the sugary sweets, the fatty chips and the greasy fast food with something equally delicious, just as quick and easy and substantial enough to leave you feeling full. Sound too good to be true? Have a look at the products we recommend to replace unhealthy snacks below:

Chocolate bars

Replace with  Soaring Free Superfoods Ultimate Raw Chocolate Box

These exquisite raw dark chocolates taste too good to be healthy, but they are! All sweetened with coconut sugar, these sweet treats are vegan friendly and free of dairy, refined sugars, preservatives and artificial flavours. They come in five scrumptious flavours; Goji Berry Crunch, Maca Xpresso, Longevity Coffee, Matcha Mint and Dark and Decadent. Swap out your secret sugary stash for a guilt-free, delicious snack.

Mix it up with  I am RAW Superbar

The I Am Raw Superbar is an all-natural raw product, made from a blend of superfoods, seeds and nuts bound together with the sweet goodness of dates. These are free of absolutely anything that is bad for you, so make sure to throw out the candy and stick one of these in your lunchbox instead.

Packets of sweets

Replace with   Gayleen’s Mini Slab Dark Chocolates

This is the perfect no-guilt treat, you can have a whole slab all to yourself! The new Vanilla Dark Chocolate Slabs are sweetened only with raw honey and are dairy-free, with no artificial additives.

Mix it up with Health Connection Cashews and Cranberries

This delicious snack mix is ideal for adding to your lunch box or as a treat on the go. Instead of reaching for the emergency candy drawer, snack on this energy improving delicacy.

Burgers and fast food

Replace with Fullinatural Sourdough Bread sandwiches.

Filling up on refined carb loaded food can make us feel sluggish and result in uncomfortable and sometimes even painful digestive issues. Fullinatural Sourdough Breads are made with freshly stone milled flour and natural sourdough yeast made from flour and water.

Their delicious breads (available in our store) are wholesome, nutritious and filling, without the discomfort sometimes experienced after eating other bread products. Other benefits include a low glycaemic index, low gluten, non GMO, no preservatives, no colourants and no artificial additives. Who would have thought the humble sandwich could do so much good? With your favourite healthy sandwich filler (Avocado & Feta spread, Hummus, Cream cheese & Eggs etc) and a fresh serving of sliced tomato, cucumber or lettuce, this is a winner as a quick and delicious lunch meal.

Fizzy or sugary drinks

Replace with Totally Wild Juice or Natural Raw C Coconut Water or freshly squeezed juices.

The delicious juices from Totally Wild have some impressive benefits. The juice comes in a variety of flavours, including Cranberry, Rooibos & Aloe Juice and Peach, Honeybush & Aloe Juice. The Cape Aloe Drink is produced from fresh aloe leaves which are peeled, pulped and mixed with water. We’ve explored the benefits of the miraculous Aloe Ferox in detail previously, especially the wonders it can do for skincare.

Natural Raw C Coconut Water is nature’s ‘ultimate hydration’. This refreshing drink is made from young green coconuts and naturally contains key electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, while it contains zero fat or cholesterol. Definitely a better option than sipping on sugary drinks, this super hydrating, energising drink will give you the boost you need to get through busy days.

Fresh juices can be made from virtually any fruit and/or veggies the night before. Store in fridge and use as a living nutrient rich drink for both children and adults. For first time juicing experience use more fruits such as apples and oranges until taste for juiced veggies is acquired and slowly increase the quantity of veggies – cucumber, celery, spinach, kale, cabbage, tomatoes, baby marrows, pumpkin, beetroot.


Replace with Organic Green Matcha  or Yogi Tea Selection

Many of us complain that we can’t get through the day without coffee, it’s our lifeline, the only thing keeping us from falling asleep on our desks! This simply isn’t true. There are healthier, more effective ways of energising ourselves while drinking a delicious beverage.

Green Matcha is a finely ground green tea powder, which is full of antioxidants, fibre, vitamins and minerals, and has positive effects on blood sugar, concentration and cholesterol. A cup of Green Matcha will provide the caffeine you are craving plus the endless benefits of drinking alkalizing Chlorophyll and antioxidants.

The Yogi Tea Finest Selection contains a fabulous mix of Classic, Ginger Lemon, Liquorice, Sweet Chai, Women’s Tea, Sweet Chili, Throat Comfort and Choco flavours. All made with organic herbs and spices, with delicate Ayurveda ingredients including cardamom, cinnamon, clove, ginger and black pepper, these aromatic teas will leave you feeling vibrant and alive, while supporting your overall well-being. Try swapping out the coffee for any of these delicious teas and you’ll begin to feel the difference, or simply keep some in your drawer at work for when you need a boost.

There you have it, the easy, delicious, healthy lunchbox! These ideas are perfectly suitable for children’s lunchboxes as well. No time-consuming meal-prep, just a lunchbox for the average on-the-go person looking to improve their health without the fuss.