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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, 11ml (Nautica Oil)


Ylang Ylang oil is an essential oil very popular in perfumery for its sweet, delicate and light floral fragrance. It is extracted from the fresh flowers of the Ylang Ylang tree by means of steam distillation.

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Nautica Oils



Ingredients: 100% pure Ylang Ylang oil (Cananga Odorata)

Country of origin: Madagascar


Benefits and uses of Ylang Ylang essential oil:

  • Fantastic properties for thickening hair
  • Preventing signs of aging
  • Aphrodisiac properties
  • Antiseptic and healing properties
  • Antidepressant properties
  • Positive effect on emotions, lifting mood
  • Calming and relaxing properties
  • Increasing blood flow and regulating heartbeat
  • Used as flavouring and preservative in food and beverage industry
  • Very popular ingredient in perfumery and cosmetics industry



Nautica Oils

Nautica Oils is a local supplier of raw natural, organic and conventional ingredients for the cosmetic industry. Nautica Organic Trading is based in Durban KwaZulu Natal and has been dealing in organic and conventional cold pressed, refined and essential oils in South Africa since 2006. Most of the ingredients are sourced from Southern Africa. Certain oils are imported from Europe and India and Madagascar. Nautica Oils carries over 200 essential oils, organic and conventional. They sell carrier oils, butters, waxes, fragrances and natural 'greener' cosmetic raw materials.
Nautica Oils


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