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Yes, we do. Night Creams tend to have a greater amount of active ingredients, such as natural Vitamin C from plants, and natural collagen stimulators, also found in plants. These will help protect your skin against free radicals and also keep it moisturised.

Unlike Night Creams, Day Creams provide the necessary amount of hydration your skin needs during the day and also protect it against several environmental factors such as airborne pollution, dirt and air conditioning/heating. They provide antioxidants that will help nourish your complexion all day long.

Studies in skin research have revealed that your skin can react differently according to your body clock. Thus, during the day, your skin focuses on protecting itself against environmental factors while at night, your skin cells switch to repair mode themselves and the skin moves into its regeneration cycle.

Our core foundation in everything that we do at TVG works towards promoting your health and wellbeing. To this end, we are great advocates of using nature – herbs and flower extracts – to create our beautiful, natural and organic creams. For centuries, herbal and floral extracts have been used to help treat skin problems, improve skin quality and enhance the skin’s appearance and we’re still creating herbal products using those same ingredients popular in the Victorian era.

An added bonus for our customers is that our experienced TVG team comprises two resident beauty therapists, aromatherapist and phytotherapist so you can be sure we know what we are doing when we create the products. We understand our ingredients.

Are you getting the most from your DAY and NIGHT CREAMS? Take a quick look at your beauty regimen and refresh your appearance with these healthy tips for younger looking skin at any age?

1. Know when to apply your Day Cream
Just slap it on in the morning? Well…. yes! But do remember that long, hot showers and hot facial washes tend to strip skin of its moisture and wash away its protective oils. Reducing your showers to no more than ten minutes and keeping the water as cool as you can stand can help limit the loss. For younger looking skin, lock-in moisture by applying your Day Cream within three minutes of exiting the bath or shower. Warm skin always absorbs cream better and you will get better results. Wait a while before applying makeup.

2. Never let your skin become dehydrated
Day and Night Creams definitely prevent dryness and even flaking and tearing if your skin is thin and sensitive. Whatever choice of our creams you use, you can be sure that they contain the best ingredients, which have powerful rejuvenating properties and will aim to prevent dryness and restore moisture immediately.

3. Why it is vital to use a Night Cream
As a beauty therapist, I have always advocated the use of a good Night Cream as being a 100% essential part of our daily skincare regime. Apply Night Cream and wake up looking your best. Here are some benefits you may not be aware of: Night Cream is formulated to be richer than Day Cream to supply extra nourishment overnight to the dry parts of your face. Therefore, your face is kept hydrated and skin is regenerated whilst you sleep. Night Cream soothes your face skin and helps it recover gently from the stresses and pollution aspects of your day. It ensures that your skin has an even complexion along with having a finer skin texture. Applying a cream at night boosts collagen in your skin. A night Cream improves blood circulation. A night Cream definitely smoothes and helps reduce wrinkles and other lines on your face and you can see a visible difference in the morning. One major role that a night cream plays is that it helps prevent your skin from sagging and creates a soft, supple look by morning. Ageing skin definitely appears younger by the next morning. A Night Cream restores skin elasticity. Helps in renewal of the skin cells and provides the skin with an overnight ‘meal’ by way of correct nourishment from vitamins and other vital ingredients contained within the cream.

4. Always use an Eye Cream or Serum
The thin, delicate skin beneath the eyes produces little of the protective oil that keeps skin soft and youthful looking. Specially formulated serums and creams help to reduce puffiness and dark circles whilst supplying exactly the right amount of nourishing moisture to the eye area. So combine an eye treatment product with your choice of twin-pack creams if you aren’t already using one.

5. Adjust your Day Cream and Night Cream for the seasonYour skin needs more moisture in winter than in summer, so the same day you bring those winter woollies and boots out, consider switching to a richer moisturiser for the winter period, or use a few drops of Serum under your Night Cream. When you trade in the winter clothing for shorts and summer skirts, you can consider making a switch to a lighter Day and Night Cream.

6. The two M’s – always Moisturise and Massage your skin before bed For softer, younger looking skin, always cleanse your skin at night at least half an hour before going to bed, slathering on your Night Cream or serum. You’ll be glad you made the effort next morning.

7. Use only natural and organic creamsFor younger looking skin, nature really does provide everything we need to keep our skin looking good and healthy without any of the downsides of the petrochemical ingredients found in conventional creams and with even better benefits. These really don’t do your skin any good and can unbalance it over a period of time. Nature really does know best!

 Article courtesy of  The Victorian Garden