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African Wormwood (Artemisia), 30 capsules (Meridian Herbs)


Meridian Herbs African Wormwood capsules contain pure powdered herb. Lengana (Artemisia) is a traditional South African herb taken for chest infections, coughs, colds & flu, fevers, headaches, malaria & other parasites, arthritic pain & inflammation.
Meridian Herbs African Wormwood is free of fillers, preservatives, and any synthetic additives.

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30 capsules
Ingredients: pure powdered Artemisia afra (African Wormwood)

Directions to use: Adults: 1-2 capsules twice a day or as recommended by your healthcare provider.

More about Artemisia Afra:

  • Lengana is a profound African traditional herb. It is one of the oldest and best known medicinal plants, and is still used effectively today in South Africa by people of all cultures.
  • Artemisia Afra is a highly aromatic plant known as Wormwood or Sagewood (English), Wildeals (Afrikaans), Lengana (Sotho).
  • Lengana is widely used in traditional medicine to treat coughs, colds and influenza, fever, loss of appetite, colic, headache, earache, malaria fever and intestinal worms amongst others.
  • Lengana has also been used in natural insecticide sprays and as a moth repellent.
  • The roots, stems and leaves are used in many different ways and taken as enemas, poultices, infusions, body washes, lotions, smoked, snuffed or drunk as a tea.
  • Artemisia Afra has a very bitter taste.


Meridian Herbs

Local farm with over 40 years of experience in growing organic medicinal and culinary herbs. At Meridian Herbs, we are committed to quality and sustainability in every aspect of our business. We practice organic agriculture principles, regenerative farming, companion planting and crop rotation. We use certified organic fertiliser, high-quality organic compost, seaweed foliar spray, home-grown mulch & natural herb sprays. Your herbs will be free of poisons, chemicals, preservatives or irradiation from seedling, through our disciplined growing and processing stages, and into your hands.
Meridian Herbs


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