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Cell-Fast, 60 capsules (DNA Biopharm)


Cell-Fast protects cell membranes from toxins and immune system aggression without inhibiting the transport of nutrients into the cell. The carefull selected natural ingredients in this formula restore and maintent the integrity of the cell walls, improve cell function and offers protection from invasion by toxins, bacteria, virusese, antibodies and other harmful agents.
DNA Biopharm Cell-Fast supplement is free of preservatives and fillers.

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60 vegi capsules
Amounts per 400mg capsule:
Calcium AEP                    200mg
MSM                                  50mg
D Ribose                          100mg
Fulvic Acid                         50mg
Vitamin D3                        25mcg
Other ingredients: Colloidal Silicon Dioxide.

  • No preservatives
  • No fillers

Directions: Take 2 capsules daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

More info on active ingredients:
1. Calcium AEP:
In 1941, a unique form of calcium, Calcium 2-amino ethyl phosphoric acid (Ca-AEP or Ca-2AEP) was discovered by the eminent biochemist Erwin Chargaff. Chargaff found that Ca-AEP was a vital component in the structure of cell membranes. The significance of Chargaff’s work was largely ignored for the next two decades, but studies over the last 30 years have shown that Ca-AEP plays a vital role in maintaining cell membrane integrity and improving cellular functions.
Calcium AEP contains a specific and active form of calcium, calcium 2-amino ethyl phosphoric acid, which plays a role in cell membrane integrity as well as in improving cell function and potentially helps combat diseases triggered or affected by disturbances in cell membranes (multiple sclerosis). Calcium 2-amino ethyl phosphoric acid, or Calcium AEP, is a unique form of Calcium that consists of 12.5% elemental Calcium bound to 87.5% amino ethyl phosphoric acid. It is a vital component in the structure of cell membranes and is required for normal cellular membrane functions. Some of these functions include decreasing permeability of the outer cell membrane to foreign substances; facilitating exchange of electrolytes and absorption of nutrients; and maintaining cellular electrical charge essential for cellular neurotransmission. Bone mineralization requires steady electromagnetic potential at the surface of the cell membranes of bone tissues. Calcium AEP performs an important role in maintaining this electromagnetic potential, which builds up apatite from Calcium phosphate minerals and hardens and strengthens bone
It has also been shown to be effective in supporting a host of conditions, including multiple sclerosis, diabetes, asthma and immune disorders. Ca-AEP is one of a number of colamine phosphates – vitamin-like metabolites and cell membrane integrity factors, that are required for cellular membrane functions. Among these functions, Ca-AEP is known to act as:
Cell Sealer and Protector: Cells allow entry of vital nutrients through pores spread across the cellular membrane. Two types of pores predominate: free lipid pores and peptide-lined transport pores. Lipidic pores can permit the unwanted penetration into cells by harmful agents. Ca-AEP decreases water solubility and seals the lipid cellular membrane pores, decreasing the permeability of the outer cell membrane by foreign substances. This action protects cells from invasion by toxins, bacteria, viruses, antibodies and other harmful agents.
Electrolyte and Nutrient Carrier: Calcium-AEP facilitates the cellular exchange of inorganic electrolytes in cells and aids the absorption of nutrient substances such as fatty acids, amino acids, carbohyD-Riboseates, vitamins, hormones and steroids through the ‘active transport pores’ of cell membranes.
Maintains Cell Electrical Charge: Ca-AEP maintains and repairs cellular neurotransmission, vital for the electro biological connection of cells. Ca-AEP helps the cells to retain the electrical charges of calcium, potassium and magnesium ions residing on the membrane surface where they serve to increase the conductivity of nerve tissue. It does this by causing calcium and other minerals to bind to cellular membranes where they serve as electrical condensers, essential for cellular regulation. This condenser function of the cell membrane plays an active role in disease prevention. If there is an insufficient amount of colamine phosphate salts, the cell’s electrical charge and condenser function will be abnormal. A significant loss of the electrical charge of the cell membrane may be catastrophic – especially for the circulatory system, immune system and neuromuscular system.
2. D-Ribose
D-Ribose, a natural occurring pentose monosaccharide, plays a crucial role in the structure of nucleic acids, our cellular energy cellular metabolism and cellular processes. The continual production in ATP molecules is crucial to maintain cellular integrity and function. Under stress this energy milieu can be altered, in which supply does not meet demand; and therefore, this decreased state of available ATP molecules can affect cellular function, membrane integrity and intracellular processes. Further, states or degrees of ischemia and hypoxemia can alter the cell’s membrane to be more permeable, resulting in the loss of the catabolic ATP substances, which limits the potential to regenerate the lower levels of ATP due to the loss of these necessary precursors. Researchers have investigated various precursor substrates to aid in this recovery process in ATP levels and D-Ribose has shown beneficial effects in regenerating ATP levels, unlike other precursors, both in pre-clinical and clinical studies. These studies have repeatedly demonstrated the safety of D-Ribose, and supplementation of D-Ribose has shown to replenish myocardial ATP levels with an improvement in diastolic function following ischemia, including patients with congestive heart failure. From these preliminary investigations, D-Ribose as a natural metabolic supplement, appears to be useful as a diagnostic adjunct in unmasking hibernating myocardium and, more importantly, as a therapeutic “energy modulator” in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, including surgical intervention. Therefore, the clinical applications of this natural occurring pentose molecule could have many benefits in patients afflicted with ischemic cardiovascular diseases as adequate levels of energy molecules are paramount in maintaining cellular integrity and function. D-ribose could offer a means to satisfy the supply and demand mismatch that is commonly found during and following ischemia and could provide a solution to this ongoing problem in patients afflicted with ischemic cardiovascular disease.
3. MSM: One of the most important raw materials for building healthy new cells is a form of organic sulphur known as methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM). This element is so essential to life that it is found in every cell of every plant and every animal. Sulphur-containing MSM benefits the immune system by maintaining cell wall integrity, cell regeneration and permeability. For cells to maintain optimum function, the cell walls must remain pliable. Without this properly functioning structure, the immune system will eventually deteriorate. Sulphur makes up 0.25% of human body weight and approximately half of the total body sulphur is concentrated in the muscles, skin, and bones. MSM is present in some fresh fruits, vegetables, and grass-fed meat. However, food processing, mineral soil depletion and reduced consumption of fresh produce has lowered levels in our body. Thereby increasing the need to supplement MSM and boost cellular levels.  The new cells become more pliable and permeable, allowing fluids to pass through the tissue more easily which means a more efficient elimination of toxins and a reduction in inflammation and pain.
4. Fulvic Acid: Fulvic acid is readily admitted into living cells due to its low molecular weight, its electrical potential, and its bio-transporting ability. Once MSM is inside the living cell, it participates in selective trading or supply of minerals and other nutrient factors inside the cell.[1] In addition to supplying essential nutrients to the cell it has been shown that the fulvic acid can chelate toxins reducing them to a harmless state. On the cellular level fulvic acid is superior for neutralizing toxins, heavy metals and other harmful substances and carrying these intruders out of the body. It is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants and free radical scavengers known. It has the unique ability to react with both negatively and positively charged unpaired electrons and render free radicals harmless. It can either alter them into new useable compounds or eliminate them as waste. Fulvic acid can similarly scavenge heavy metals and detoxify pollutants, stimulate and create optimum growth and replication conditions.
Fulvic acids act as a specific cell sensitizing agent and enhances the cell wall integrity and permeability of the cell membrane, and intensifies the metabolism of proteins, RNA, and DNA
Fulvic acid has the ability to complex vitamins into its structure, where they are presented to the cell in combination with complex minerals. In this perfect natural condition, they are able to be catalysed and utilized by the cell. In absence of adequate trace minerals, vitamins are unable to perform their proper function.

Disclaimer: This supplement has not been evaluated by SAHPRA. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


DNA Biopharm

DNA Biopharm South Africa, was founded in 1989 and traded under the name Derma Science Laboratories until 2012 when the name was changed to DNA Biopharm SA. DNA Biopharm initially researched homeopathic and herbal products for the dermatological markets and had great success in products that treated a wide range of dermatological problems. At this time the company was also doing intensive research into herbal remedies and supplements with the main focus on the synergy between the different herbal extracts in a product. Today, DNA Biopharm is proud to offer a comprehensive range of products that cover a wide range of ailments. Every ingredient, sourced from reputable manufacturers, is scrutinized to assure that there are no hidden conicts between the ingredients and that the formula produces outstanding and effective synergistic results. All DNA Biopharm products are manufactured in a modern, sterile pharmaceutical laboratory that is approved by the Medicines Control Council of South Africa and also has HACCP GMP Registration. DNA Biopharm opposes the use of genetically engineered products and raw materials that are contaminated with pesticide residues, heavy metals and/or other contaminants.
DNA Biopharm


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