Derma Kure Cream, 100ml (DNA Biopharm)


Derma Kure Cream and Wound Spray are your first choice in the treatment of leg and foot ulcers, cuts and abrasions, nappy rash, fever blisters and cold sores, burns and sunburn. Derma Kure Cream reduces inflammation, promotes cell migration, induces angiogenesis (promotes new capillary growth around the wound and  supports collagen deposition, necessary for tissue remodelling.

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Ingredients: A synergistic blend of Syzygium, Calendula, Lycopodium, Cantharis, Graphitis, Nat Sulph, Acid Phos

Directions for use: Apply daily or whenever the skin needs soothing or healing.

Derma Kure can be used for:
Cold Sores:
Derma-Kure Cream alleviates pain and can stop cold sores in their tracks A cold sore typically progresses through four stages: first, tingling with gradual redness and swelling; second, formation of a blister as the virus replicates; third, ulceration as the wound weeps and fails to heal, often accompanied by infection; and finally, scabbing as a crust of blood and pus forms.
Unlike conventional medication, Derma-Kure Cream works at each stage.  Used early, at the initial tingling stage, its ability to fight the herpes virus can stop the replication process – thereby preventing a blister developing.  Its antibacterial action provided by the ingredient Calendula, can prevent secondary infection or fungal contamination, while its anti-inflammatory action has a local anesthetic effect, relieving pain and discomfort. Derma-Kure Cream will also speed up healing of the damaged tissue (the ability to promote granulation and speed up formation of new skin cells) thus making the fever blister disappear more rapidly than other treatments available. Scarring and lesions are also greatly reduced.
Burn wounds:
The ingredients Calendula and Cantharis, are specifically indicated to relieve pain and to prevent infection in burn wounds. Derma-Kure Cream is an ideal debriding agent in burn wounds. The product keeps the wound moist while promoting granulation and epithelization to reduce the healing time and the trauma associated with burn wounds. Derma Kure Spray can be sprayed on minor burns especially if there is pain associated with the burn.
Diabetes ulcer.
For people with diabetes, having too much glucose  in their blood over an extended period of time can cause some serious complications, including foot and skin problems, as well as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, eye damage, and other problems.
Diabetes can cause two problems that can affect your feet:
Diabetic neuropathy — Uncontrolled diabetes can damage your nerves. If you have damaged nerves in your legs and feet, you might not feel heat, cold or pain. This lack of feeling is called diabetic neuropathy. If you do not feel a cut or sore on your foot because of neuropathy, the cut could get worse and become infected.
Peripheral vascular disease — Diabetes also affects the flow of blood. Without good blood flow, it takes longer for a sore or cut to heal. Poor blood flow in the arms and legs is called peripheral vascular disease.  Peripheral vascular disease is a circulation disorder that affects blood vessels away from the heart.
If you have an infection that will not heal because of poor blood flow, you are at risk for developing gangrene, which is the death of tissue due to a lack of blood. Each year a lot of people with diabetes have amputations. However, research suggests that more than half of the amputations can be prevented through proper foot care.
Derma-Kure Cream can promote circulation and heal minor cuts and sores that could lead to more serious complications. Used at night, Derma-Kure Cream when massaged into the feet and lower legs, will keep the skin hydrated and healthy thus preventing complications caused by diabetes.


DNA Biopharm

DNA Biopharm South Africa, was founded in 1989 and traded under the name Derma Science Laboratories until 2012 when the name was changed to DNA Biopharm SA. DNA Biopharm initially researched homeopathic and herbal products for the dermatological markets and had great success in products that treated a wide range of dermatological problems. At this time the company was also doing intensive research into herbal remedies and supplements with the main focus on the synergy between the different herbal extracts in a product. Today, DNA Biopharm is proud to offer a comprehensive range of products that cover a wide range of ailments. Every ingredient, sourced from reputable manufacturers, is scrutinized to assure that there are no hidden conicts between the ingredients and that the formula produces outstanding and effective synergistic results. All DNA Biopharm products are manufactured in a modern, sterile pharmaceutical laboratory that is approved by the Medicines Control Council of South Africa and also has HACCP GMP Registration. DNA Biopharm opposes the use of genetically engineered products and raw materials that are contaminated with pesticide residues, heavy metals and/or other contaminants.
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