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Diatomaceous Earth Powder (Meridian Herbs)

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Meridian Herbs Diatomaceous Earth is a food-grade powder with numerous health benefits from improved digestion and detoxification of liver to healthier looking skin, hair and nails, stronger bones and protection from pests, parasites, bed mites and viruses.

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Ingredients: Diatomaceous Earth powder

Directions to use: Start by taking a ¼ teaspoon of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) once a day for a week. Raise this quantity gradually to half a teaspoon a day. Mix the powder with a little water or juice.

More about Diatomaceous Earth (DE):
Diatomaceous Earth is also known as Dinosaur Dust and Miracle Mineral.
Diatomaceous Earth is made from the fossilised remains of tiny, aquatic organisms called diatoms. DE is mainly formed from Silica, a very common type of matter found in nature and an essential mineral for the body to build strong bones, hair, nails and teeth and needed to carry Calcium into various parts of the body.
Diatomaceous Earth can be taken internally and externally and it is safe for both humans and animals.
Health Benefits of DE include:

  • Natural detoxifying properties
  • Liver cleansing properties
  • Anti-viral properties
  • Ant-parasitic properties
  • Improving digestion and colon functions
  • Improving bone and joint health
  • Improving immune system
  • Protection from bugs, fleas, parasites, mites and rodents etc
  • Beneficial for skin, hair and nails
  • No side effects


Meridian Herbs

Local farm with over 40 years of experience in growing organic medicinal and culinary herbs. At Meridian Herbs, we are committed to quality and sustainability in every aspect of our business. We practice organic agriculture principles, regenerative farming, companion planting and crop rotation. We use certified organic fertiliser, high-quality organic compost, seaweed foliar spray, home-grown mulch & natural herb sprays. Your herbs will be free of poisons, chemicals, preservatives or irradiation from seedling, through our disciplined growing and processing stages, and into your hands.
Meridian Herbs

1 review for Diatomaceous Earth Powder (Meridian Herbs)

  1. Indigo Wildflower (verified owner)

    Great product! Thank you Organic Choice 🙂

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