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DNA-Veggies (DNA Biopharm)


DNA Biopharm DNA-Veggies is a blend of plant and vegetable extracts that are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This superfood blend boasts a great nutritional profile that helps your body function and maintains proper metabolism. It can help boost the immune system, increase energy production, and support heart health and general well-being. This vegan-friendly supplement is free of gluten, GMOs and artificial flavours and colours.

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90 capsules
Amounts per 600g capsule:
Carrot ext (Vitamin A)                  50mg
Amla ext (Vitamin C)                    50mg
Shitake Mushroom (VItamin D)    50mg
Spirulina (Vitamin E & B12)         50mg
Spinach (Vitamin B2 & B3)          50mg
Green Tea Ext (Vitamin B1)        50mg
Kale (Vitamin K1)                        50mg
Broccoli (Vitamin B6)                   50mg
Avocado Ext (Vitamin B5)            50mg
Pumpkin Seed Ext (Vitamin B7)  50mg
Beetroot Ext (Vitamin B9).           50mg
Nattokinase (Vitamin K2)            50mg
Other Ingredients: Collodial Silicon Dioxide

  • No preservatives
  • No fillers

Directions for use: Take 3 capsules daily or as prescribed by your healthcare practitioner

Additional Information:
The human body is designed to obtain nutrients and energy from food sources. All food consumed is used in one way or another by the body to ensure optimal health and immunity. The trend today is to consume a variety of synthetic vitamins and minerals in the search of good health. It is unclear how well synthetic nutrients are absorbed and used in the body as the body will use nutrients best when taken in whole food form.  That the body does not absorb synthetic vitamins or absorbs them poorly does not mean that they do not affect us at all. In fact, synthetic vitamins burden the liver and kidneys. As crystalline substances, inorganic and devoid of other natural elements and ingredients, synthetic supplements are recognised by the body as foreign substances. While natural supplements, delivered with food, cannot be overdosed, this is not true for synthetics. When a synthetic vitamin is taken, the body does not see it as a ‘food source’ and will only absorb a small amount of it. The rest is eliminated in the urine and hence the phrase – “we have the most expensive urine of all mammals”.
When are vitamins best absorbed?
The vitamins found in plants have the form of pro-vitamins, i.e., chemical compounds that are easily absorbed by humans. Their absorbability depends primarily on the presence of proteins in the plants and is enhanced due to the presence of mineral salts. Synthetic vitamins are usually inorganic (crystalline). If deprived of the protein carrier, they cannot be absorbed by the body. It is not what you eat, but what you absorb, that counts.
We do need vitamins, but only from natural sources, as they are absorbed best and are not accumulated in the body. DNA-VEGGIES contains concentrated extracts from plants, vegetables and fruits. All ingredients are non-GMO, organically grown, and extracted in such a way that the integrity of the plant is preserved. The formula covers a wide range of vitamin needs essential for good health and immunity.

Disclaimer: This supplement has not been evaluated by SAHPRA. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


DNA Biopharm

DNA Biopharm South Africa, was founded in 1989 and traded under the name Derma Science Laboratories until 2012 when the name was changed to DNA Biopharm SA. DNA Biopharm initially researched homeopathic and herbal products for the dermatological markets and had great success in products that treated a wide range of dermatological problems. At this time the company was also doing intensive research into herbal remedies and supplements with the main focus on the synergy between the different herbal extracts in a product. Today, DNA Biopharm is proud to offer a comprehensive range of products that cover a wide range of ailments. Every ingredient, sourced from reputable manufacturers, is scrutinized to assure that there are no hidden conicts between the ingredients and that the formula produces outstanding and effective synergistic results. All DNA Biopharm products are manufactured in a modern, sterile pharmaceutical laboratory that is approved by the Medicines Control Council of South Africa and also has HACCP GMP Registration. DNA Biopharm opposes the use of genetically engineered products and raw materials that are contaminated with pesticide residues, heavy metals and/or other contaminants.
DNA Biopharm


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