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Eau de Parfum, Mirage, 50ml (Clarens Parfumerie)


Clarens Parfumerie Eau de Parfum is 100% natural product, hand blended in small batches in the beautiful Clarens, Free State.
The Mirage Eau de Parfume is a lingering potion that melts into the skin. Mysterious and alluring. Warm notes of vanilla and chocolate are highlighted with subtle spices and creamy woods. A modern gourmand perfume with oriental elements, perfect for night.

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Essential oil blend, Glycerin, alcohol denat.

  • No synthetic scents
  • No aldehydes
  • No parabens
  • No mineral oils
  • No petrolatum

Did you know?
Difference between Parfum, Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette is in the concentration of the essential oils (ingredients) used.
Eau de Parfum (EDP) is the second-highest concentration of fragrance, typically containing between 10% to 20% perfume oil. Eau de Parfum is less potent than Parfum, but it still has a long-lasting fragrance and can last for several hours. Eau de Parfum is a popular choice among consumers as it provides a strong fragrance without being overpowering.
Eau de Parfum is often sold in spray bottles and can be applied to pulse points or sprayed into the air and walked through for a subtle fragrance.

(Read more about the parfum strength here)


Clarens Parfumerie

Clarens Parfumerie is a small local business operating from beautiful Clarens in Free State. They offer natural botanical perfumes and skincare products. This exquisite range is hand blended in small batches. All products are free of any synthetic scents, SLSs, parabens, petrolatum and mineral oils.

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