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Free-Range Pasture Raised Eggs, XL, 18s (Jo’s Pasture Raised Foods)

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Jo’s Pasture Raised Foods are truly healthy, 100% natural, nutrient-rich and free of antibiotics, growth hormones, GMOs and Glyphosate. Their free-range, pastured eggs are from hens that are roaming happily all day. The hens sleep and lay their eggs in mobile hen houses, that move daily around the farm so that the hens routinely have access to new and fresh pastures.
Deliveries to Gauteng only.

In stock


18 XL eggs

  • No antibiotics
  • No growth hormones
  • No GMOs



Jo's Pasture Raised Food

Jo’s farm is situated near Harismith, Free State. Their chickens are free from antibiotics, growth promoting hormones and animal by-products, raised ethically and honestly, with access to grass and sunlight all day. They sleep and lay in mobile trailers that are regularly moved to fresh pastures. All Glen Urquhart hens are very happy healthy birds, roaming free all day in lush and vibrant pastures that are situated on their farm in Harrismith, South Africa. The happy, healthy choice.

1 review for Free-Range Pasture Raised Eggs, XL, 18s (Jo’s Pasture Raised Foods)

  1. tsebosei (verified owner)

    Food is medicine is the real truth. Shop for good quality eggs from organic choice. All other shops who call their eggs organic it’s a lie their eggs yolk different to the real one from organic choice the real healthy living lifestyle and eggs thanks

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