Fulvic Acid Liquid, 500ml (Oshun Health)


Fulvic Acid is an organic substance considered to be the ultimate “nutrient booster”. It helps the body to absorb and use other nutrients better. Fulvic acid has, therefore, become popular for slowing down ageing, improving digestive health and protecting brain function. Due to its unique chemical structure, it’s able to fight free radical damage that contributes to the process of ageing and nearly every chronic disease there is.
Oshun Health Fulvic Acid is extracted from exceptionally pure source without any chemicals or high temperature.

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Fulvic Acid (1200mg per 15ml dose), Nitrogen, Oxygen, Minerals, trace elements and water.

Directions to use: Take 15ml daily, ideally in the morning on an empty stomach. Take another 15ml later for increased energy if needed.
Do not take with tap water as the chlorine in tap water interacts negatively with fulvic acid.
Use consistently for at least two weeks to a month for this product to take full effect.

Medication should be taken two hours or longer after taking fulvic acid.
Pregnant women should consult a doctor before taking fulvic acid.

More about Fulvic Acid:
Fulvic acid is an organic and active chemical compound that forms when organic material breaks down due to humification (composting). It is the end result and smallest particle of the decomposition of ancient organic matter. Due to its incredibly fine molecular structure fulvic acid can cross the blood brain barrier and move easily into the cells, carrying up to sixty times its molecular weight in nutrition. It also bonds to waste, removing heavy metals and other toxins from the body. It is essential in the metabolic processes of the cells.
Fulvic acid has such a complex structure that, despite many years of scientific observation, scientist have never been able to determine exactly how it does what it does; nobody actually understands how it works! Scientist have, therefore, never been able to synthesize it.
Oshun Health’s fulvic acid is extracted from Canadian sphagnum moss, an exceptionally pure source that’s been lying under the snow for thousands of years and has never been exposed to toxins or pollutants. It’s also a 100% sustainable source.
Oshun Health uses a very gentle method of extraction that doesn’t involve chemicals or high temperatures and mimics the way fulvic acid is formed in nature itself.

Health benefits of Fulvic Acid:

  • Increases energy levels
  • Is a ferocious antioxidant and free radical scavenger.
  • Acts as a broad-spectrum antiviral.
  • Chelates heavy metals and body toxins, removing them from the body.
  • Extends the time nutrients remain active – potentiates the availability of essential nutrients. Increases metabolism of proteins, contributing to DNA and RNA synthesis.
  • Is a powerful natural electrolyte and restores electrochemical balance.
  • Increases the activity of a host of enzyme systems.
  • Helps to rebuild the immune system.
  • Increases the bioavailability of nutrients and minerals.
  • Restores, rejuvenate and repairs the skin and body from the inside.
  • Helps to neutralize radiation and reduce or eliminate its effects on the body.
  • Protects cognitive health

Disclaimer: This product is not intended to treat disease or serve as a replacement for professional medical advice. Rather Oshun Health’s Fulvic Acid provides elements that are essential to individual wellbeing which, in turn, helps the body to heal itself.


Oshun Health

Oshun is the African goddess of love and sweet water. Oshun Health is a proudly South African company and, through the name, wanted to pay homage to the really good things that come from Africa. They offer a range of natural, high-quality products which all, directly or indirectly, contribute to gut health and the maintenance of a strong immune system. They believe that there’s an inherent intelligence in nature and that natural is, therefore, better. They offer whole food, organic, rather than synthetic supplements and even the preservatives they use are natural. All their products have a firm scientific base and, where necessary, utilize our trademarked fulvisome technology for maximum absorption.


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