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Loaded Log, Collagen (Gayleen’s Decadence)


Lusciously chewy, with a deliciously toffee-like flavour, GD’s Collagen Loaded Log contains collagen and Vitamin C (which promotes collagen production in the body), providing a collagen boost so essential for great-looking skin, hair and nails. Gayleen’s Decadence Chocolate Logs are loaded with healthy, flavourful goodness. Whether it’s because they’re nutritiously delicious or deliciously nutritious, you just can’t go wrong with GD’s loaded chocolate logs. The centre of these raw honey-sweetened chocolates has unique, smooth, enticing taste and GD’s signature dark chocolate.

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Gayleen's Decadence


Ingredients: Cocoa (powder, butter, mass), raw honey, collagen, macadamia oil, Vit C, Himalayan salt

  • Dairy Free
  • Refined Sugar Free
  • Nuts free
  • No preservatives
  • No additives


Gayleen's Decadence

Fine hand-crafted organic chocolates. Gayleen’s Decadence is a proud South African manufacturer of fine organic chocolate. After losing her business and having the advantage of gaining experience with a company promoting raw food lifestyle, Gayleen Evans took her health and business in her own hands and Gayleen’s Decadence was born. Her fine organic chocolate bonbons are made with organic roasted cacao, sweetened with pure raw honey and are free from all dairy, sugar, preservatives or any additivies. The finest, hand crafted soft-centred organic chocolates, made only from the finest natural ingredients. Certified Organic at Source.
Gayleen's Decadence


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