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Lumbrozyme, 30 Capsules (NeoGenesis Health)


Lumbrokinase is a potent fibrinolytic enzyme supplement that assists the body in clearing away fibrin, clots, and biofilms. Sourced from the Lumbricus rubellus earthworm, lumbrokinase has been researched extensively for its therapeutic benefits on dissolving fibrin and biofilm and reducing inflammation. NeoGenesis Lumbrokinase contains 40mg lumbrokinase per capsule.

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30 capsules
Active ingredients per vegicap:
Lumbrokinase                      40mg
(from Lumbricus rubelles – 30mg contains minimum of 720 000 lumbrokina units)

Directions to use: Adults: Take 1 capsule 1 to 2 times a day or as directed by a health practitioner.

Therapeutic Applications of Lumbrokinase:
Ischemic Stroke: Lumbrokinase has been shown to be safe and effective for treating acute ischemic stroke by lowering blood viscosity, preventing re-perfusion damage, and reducing neural deficits.(1-3) It was also shown to improve the efficacy of aspirin as a secondary prevention of stroke.(4,5) In fact, for people who are resistant to aspirin (and therefore don’t benefit from taking aspirin as a prevention), lumbrokinase appears to negate aspirin resistance and potentially help achieve the goal of cardiovascular disease prevention.
Coronary Artery Disease: Lumbrokinase is equally impressive in the treatment of coronary arterial diseases, including patients with unstable angina. Besides lowering whole blood viscosity, plasma viscosity, fibrinogen, and ESR, research data indicates that lumbrokinase is able to minimize angina attack frequency, minimise the need for nitroglycerine, and improve ST-segment elevation on the EKG. Other potential applications of lumbrokinase in circulatory conditions include deep venous thrombosis, essential hypertension, and vascular dementia.
Oncology: It is a well-known fact that most cancer patients (especially late stage) are hypercoagulable and prone to develop venous thromboembolism. Thus, it is quite reasonable to use lumbrokinase in the prevention or treatment of cancer-associated thromboembolism. In recent years lumbrokinase has also been investigated as a potential anti-tumour and anti-metastatic agent. There is various in vitro and clinical evidence pointing towards the involvement of hypercoagulation in stimulating tumour growth and metastasis. There is also evidence showing the potential use of anti-coagulants in limiting cancer growth and metastasis. Thus, it is quite reasonable to investigate if lumbrokinase can be beneficial in the overall treatment of oncology patients. Though still early in the research stage, lumbrokinase has been shown to inhibit stomach cancer cell growth and liver cancer cell metastasis in vitro and in animal models.(22-24) Human studies are sure to follow in the near future.
Chronic Biofilm-Associated Infections: Biofilm-associated chronic infection has become a popular topic recently. Lumbrokinase has been shown to break down biofilm and improve the effectiveness of antibiotics in vitro, though it still lacks human studies at this point. However, since chronic infection and chronic inflammation tend to create a hypercoagulable blood state, some clinicians may feel that lumbrokinase’s true benefit is in reducing hypercoagulation-associated complications.
Other Applications:

  • Lumbrokinase may improve diabetic nephropathy and diabetic neuropathy.
  • It may prevent the damage to heart cells from second-hand smoke.
  • It may play a role in promoting bone repair and regeneration.

How does lumbrokinase compare to other proteolytic enzymes?
Many proteolytic enzymes have broad-spectrum enzyme activities that are not specific towards fibrin. At the moment only Serrapeptase and Nattokinase are being used to dissolve fibrin.
Serrapeptase is an enzyme extracted from silkworms and has been shown to be an effective anti-inflammatory enzyme for pain and swelling reduction. However, it still lacks clinical research supporting its use in thromboembolic conditions. On a milligram to milligram basis, the fibrinolytic strength of Lumbrokinase is about 300-fold stronger than Serrapeptase.
Nattokinase is an enzyme extracted from traditional Japanese fermented soybeans and has been shown to an effective enzyme in improving various hypercoagulation-associated parameters; it looks very promising as an oral enzyme in the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. However, the use of Nattokinase in human clinical trials involving thromboembolic conditions is still limited. On a milligram to milligram basis, the fibrinolytic strength of lumbrokinase is about 30-fold stronger than Nattokinase.


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