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Magnesium Oil, Trans-dermal Spray (Lifematrix)


Magnesium is a vital mineral for many bio-chemical reactions in the body. Oral supplementation of Mg can cause stomach upset while transdermal delivery is gentle on the stomach, easy to apply, readily and safely absorbed, and the body will simply take what it needs.

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Ingredients: Purified water, Magnesium Chloride, Kalahari Crystal Salt, Spearmint Essential Oil

Directions for use:
Simply spray it on to the torso or arms/legs and rub in (though not an oil, the solution has an oily feel) One teaspoon (5ml) provides approximately 600mg of elemental Magnesium. Avoid gentle areas, broken skin or contact with eyes. May cause brief, mild stinging. Dilute with water if needed. Rinse with water if discomfort continues. If rash of irritation occurs, discontinue use.
Suitable as massage oil too – Magnesium relaxes tired/sore muscles quickly.
May be used as a mouthwash (a few sprays into the mouth will disinfect the oral cavity and help re-mineralize teeth and gums).

Storage instructions: Store in a cool, dry place below 250C. Keep out of reach of children.

More about Magnesium:
(Article provided by Absolute Organix)
Over 300 bio-chemical reactions in the body depend on Magnesium. It helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function, keeps heart rhythm steady, supports a healthy immune system and keeps bones strong.
Magnesium also helps regulate blood sugar levels, promotes normal blood pressure, and is involved in energy metabolism and protein synthesis. There is increased interest in its role preventing and managing disorders such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
Foods high in Magnesium include nuts, seeds, spinach, yogurt, wheat germ and whole grains but few of us eat enough of these to ensure an adequate Magnesium intake of 400 mg/day. Intensive agriculture has depleted the soil of Magnesium, and NPK fertilizers just dont contain any; so its not surprising that many people on a Western diet are Magnesium deficient.

Benefits of Magnesium

  •  Anxiety and Panic attacks – Magnesium (Mg) normally keeps adrenal stress hormones under control.
  • Asthma – Both histamine production and bronchial spasms increase with Mg deficiency.
  • Blood clots – Mg has an important role to play in preventing blood clots and keeping the blood thin, much like aspirin but without the side effects.
  • Bowel disease – Mg deficiency slows down the bowel, causing constipation, which could lead to toxicity and malabsorption of nutrients, as well as colitis.
  • Cystitis – Bladder spasms are worsened by Mg deficiency.
  • Depression – Serotonin, which elevates mood, is dependent on Mg.
  • Detoxification – Mg is crucial for the removal of toxic substances and heavy metals such as aluminium and lead.
  • Diabetes – Mg enhances insulin secretion, facilitating sugar metabolism. Without Mg, insulin is not able to transfer glucose into cells.
  • Fatigue – Mg-deficient patients commonly experience fatigue because dozens of enzyme systems are under-functioning. An early symptom of Mg deficiency is frequently fatigue.
  • Heart disease – Mg deficiency is common in people with heart disease. Mg is administered in hospitals for acute myocardial infarction (heart attack) and cardiac arrhythmia. Like any other muscle, the heart muscle requires Mg. Mg is also used to treat angina (chest pain).
  • Hypertension – With insufficient Mg, spasm of blood vessels and high cholesterol occur, both of which lead to blood pressure problems.
  • Hypoglycaemia – Mg keeps insulin under control; without Mg, episodes of low blood sugar can result.
  • Insomnia – Sleep-regulating melatonin production is disturbed without sufficient Mg.
  • Kidney Disease – Mg deficiency contributes to atherosclerotic kidney failure.
  • Migraines – Serotonin balance is Mg-dependent. Deficiency of serotonin can result in migraine headaches and depression.
  • Musculoskeletal conditions – Fibrositis, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, eye twitches, cramps and chronic neck and back pain may be caused by Mg deficiency and can be relieved with Mg supplements.
  • Nerve problems Mg alleviates peripheral nerve disturbances throughout the whole body, such as
  • migraines, muscle contractions, gastrointestinal spasms, and calf, foot and toe cramps. It is also used in treating central nervous symptoms of vertigo and confusion.
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology – Mg prevents PMS; prevents dysmenorrhea (cramping pain during
  • menses); is important in the treatment of infertility; and alleviates premature contractions, preeclampsia, and eclampsia in pregnancy. Mg should be a required supplement for pregnant mothers.
  • Osteoporosis – Use of calcium with Vitamin D to enhance calcium absorption without a balancing amount of Mg causes further Mg deficiency, which triggers a cascade of events leading to bone loss.
  • Tooth decay – Mg deficiency causes an unhealthy balance of phosphorus and calcium in saliva, which damages teeth.



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