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Menstrual Cup, Small (Masmi)


Masmi Menstrual Cup is made from medical grade TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers), which is hypoallergenic, reusable, and recyclable material. This Masmi Menstrual Sup is free from silicon, latex, BPA, and Phthalates. Masmi Size Small Menstrual Cup is suitable for young women under 18 years old, who do not have sex regularly.
Safe for us and the environment.

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Size: Small
Small size is suitable for young women under 18 years old, who do not have sex regularly.

  • Free from Silicone
  • Free from Latex
  • Free from BPA
  • Free from Phthalates

Why use a menstrual cup?

  • It is convenient, no need to worry about dashing off to the shops at the last minute.
  • More environmentally-friendly, no need to have to constantly throw out used products.
  • More economical as you don’t have to purchase sanitary pads every month.
  • Gentler to use as it is hypoallergenic and latex-free.


Masmi Natural Cotton

Masmi Natural Cotton is a Spanish company offering natural alternatives for intimate feminine hygiene with Pure Cotton-based products. MASMI Natural Cotton is composed by a wide range of natural products for the Feminine Intimate Hygiene made with 100% Pure Natural Cotton or Organic Cotton which take care of the skin and preserve our environment. Masmi organic products have been certified by ICEA (Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute) and GOTS (Global Organic Standard). Masmi products have also been also tested as Hypoallergenic ‘non irritant’ by external labs.
Masmi Natural Cotton


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