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Organic Cotton Rounds, 80s (Masmi)


A healthier, natural and ecological choice. Masmi Organic Cotton Cosmetic Rounds pads are safe, gentle and convenient option for moms and babies. Made with 100% organic Cotton, gentle, soft and environmentally friendly, these Cotton Squares are perfect for delicate and baby skins. Free of Chlorine, Dioxine, plastics and perfumes.

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80 pieces
Ingredients: 100% pure organic Cotton

  • Made with Pure Certified Organic Cotton, without residues of chemical herbicides or pesticides.
  • Suitable for use with toners, lotions and/or creams.
  • More resistant and do not leave fibers in the skin during their use.
  • Perfume and superabsorbent free.
  • Viscose/ Rayon free absorbent core
  • No Chlorine or Dioxin used in the Bleaching process.

Directions to use: Can be used with water or baby or face oils. Suitable for the sensitive and delicate baby skins. Perfect for removing makeup.

  • For Baby: gentle cleasing for babies sensitive skin. Can be used with water or baby oil.
  • For Mom: big surface cotton squares for removing make up and dirt.


Masmi Natural Cotton

Masmi Natural Cotton is a Spanish company offering natural alternatives for intimate feminine hygiene with Pure Cotton-based products. MASMI Natural Cotton is composed by a wide range of natural products for the Feminine Intimate Hygiene made with 100% Pure Natural Cotton or Organic Cotton which take care of the skin and preserve our environment. Masmi organic products have been certified by ICEA (Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute) and GOTS (Global Organic Standard). Masmi products have also been also tested as Hypoallergenic ‘non irritant’ by external labs.
Masmi Natural Cotton


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