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Organic Light Coconut Milk, 400ml (Truefood)


Truefood Organic Light Coconut Milk is a popular dairy-free milk alternative, as it has a rich creamy texture and subtle taste which compliments most meals, sauces and drinks. Made from the grated pulp of mature coconuts, this Coconut milk is NON-GMO and contains no preservatives, additives and no added sugar.
Light Coconut Milk is a great addition to plant based diets and can be used as a dairy-free alternative for curries, sauces, baking, desserts and smoothies.

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Ingredients: Organic Coconut Kernel Extract, Water, Guar Gum
Country of origin: Sri Lanka

  • No preservatives
  • No artificial flavours and colourants
  • No added sugar
  • No GMOs

Directions to use: Use in cooking and baking.
Warning: This product is not suitable for infant feeding.




Truefood is a local brand specialising in clean, non-GMO and/or certified organic pantry essentials. The range includes various legumes, grains, seeds and flours, plus gluten-free options. All pantry essentials are packed in the Truefood distinctive kraft paper window pouches with easy-to-close zip-locks. In addition, virtually the entire range is certified kosher too.

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