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Pit Toilet Treatment (Nu Eco)


Nu Eco Pit Toilet Treatment breaks down sludge and waste and combats bad odours. This completely natural product will prolong the life of pit toilets. Nu-Eco is a range of 100% natural, environmentally friendly cleaning products which are also 100% vegan. All of the products are biodegradable and kind to the planet.

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Ingredients: Selected bacteria enzymes, Water

Directions to use: Recommended – 750ml Pit Latrine for a family of 5 monthly. When treating a reasonably dry pit latrine toilet, first add plenty of water to the waste matter, and stir the waste with a stick to turn the contents into a very wet slurry.


Nu Eco

Nu Eco is local manufacturer of 100% natural, non-harmful and bio-degradable cleaning products. The range has proved that cleaning with natural products doesn’t mean you have to compromise on efficacy. Their safe, non-toxic products utilise all-natural cleaning agents and anti-microbial oils and will make your dishes clean, your surfaces sparkling, your washing bright, and you whole home will smells fresh. Nu Eco cleaning products are formulated carefully with potent natural surfactants and essential oils to deliver exceptional results while helping care for your family's health, as well as the long-term health of the world we live in. Being fully bio-degradable and harmless to our precious watercourses, Nu Eco products feature a half-life of a couple of hours, meaning they are easily the most harmless household cleaning products available. We invite you to join the green revolution by making the change to a range that considers the future well-being of your family, your health and the planet as the most important choice we can make.
Nu Eco


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