Vanilla Paste, 60g (Khoisan Gourmet)


Khoisan Gourmet Bourbon Vanilla Paste is created by mixing vanilla seeds and traditionally brewed vanilla extract. A 2-fold vanilla extract is used to ensure strong vanilla flavour and visual flair. The Vanilla Paste is perfect for baking and desserts, especially ice-creams, custard and whipped cream. This naturally crafted product is free of artificial flavours, colourants and preservatives.

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Ingredients:Vanilla extract (2-fold with 35% alcohol), Water, Glucose syrup, Sugar, Vanilla Seeds (Vanilla plantifolia) (1.2%), Salt, Xanthan Gum
Country of origin: Madagascar / Uganda

  • No Preservatives
  • No Artificial colours
  • No Artificial flavours

Directions to use: Perfect to use in baking and desserts, such as ice creams, custard and whipped cream.

Did you know?
Khoisan Gourmet sources their vanilla from Madagascar, which is the world’s biggest producer of top-grade vanilla beans/pods.
Cultivating vanilla requires time and a lot of care. After harvesting, the vanilla beans are left to dry for months while the flavour develops.
About 200 grams of vanilla creates 1 liter of vanilla extract.
The 2-fold vanilla extract is brewed from Madagascan and Ugandan-grown vanilla pods. The number of crushed pods is doubled per liter for intense vanilla flavour.


Khoisan Gourmet

Khoisan Gourmet is a local producer and exporter of conventional and 100% organic Rooibos and Honeybush Teas. Khoisan Gourmet has been operating for nearly 20 years. The company’s main focus is on all that is natural and organic. They also provide organic Bourbon Vanilla from plantations in Madagascar, known for growing the world’s best vanilla.
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