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Vegan Droëwors (Earthshine)

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Earthshine Vegan Droëwors is made with plant based ingredients, which are skilfully flavoured with 100% natural herbs and spices. The traditional South African wors flavoured snacks are air-dried to preserve the nutrients. All Earthshine products are hand crafted with activated seeds and/or nuts and are gluten free, dairy free and contain on preservatives nor any synthetic flavours, additives and MSG.

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Ingredients: Activated sunflower seeds, nori, activated pumpkin seeds, organic apple cider vinegar, organic tamari, organic coriander seed, nutri yeast, smoked paprika, onion, organic cumin, Kalahari rock salt, Ormus Minerals

  • 100% Vegan
  • Raw food – Air dried
  • No gluten and wheat
  • No nuts
  • No GMOs
  • No dairy
  • No preservatives
  • No synthetic additives



Earthshine is proudly South African business founded by Noel and Natalie in Cape Town. They are 100% committed to making the most delicious food creations with the very best quality ingredients they can find. Earthshine offers highly nutritious, organic, raw and living foods. Their range includes sweet and savoury raw foods, which are rich in enzymes, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to improve your health & energy levels and promote feelings of well-being and happiness.

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1 review for Vegan Droëwors (Earthshine)

  1. Phumla Sibisi (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed it, as a snack! I will definitely buy more I future!

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