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Water Kefir, Buchu, 500ml (Good Gut)


Good Gut Water Kefir is a hand crafted natural fizzy drink, containing live probiotics and enzymes. This delicious Buchu flavoured Water Kefir is made from all natural ingredients containing no artificial colorants or sweeteners, no GMO or preservatives. Non-pasteurized.

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Ingredients: Filtered water, unrefined brown sugar, blackstrap molasses, live kefir cultures, buchu, star aniseed and raisins.

  • No artificial colorants / sweeteners
  • No GMO’s or preservatives
  • Naturally Gluten Free and Vegan
  • Cloudiness & sediment are normal

Note: Be patient when opening and do not shake.  Use within 2 weeks of opening.

Did you know?
Good Gut Kefir is alive! Kefir grains “feed” on sugar and in return create good probiotics and enzymes.  Sugar content will decrease due to ongoing fermentation.
Good Gut Kefir is completely natural, therefore you can enjoy it in any amount.
After many years of experimenting with different combinations of herbs, spices and fruits, Good Gut have perfected the flavours and now their range includes healthy cool drinks with balanced aroma and sweetness.
Their water kefir also gives the customer the option to reduce sugar levels to their preferred sugar content. By leaving the product outside the fridge it will allow the fermentation process to continue and the good bacteria’s will further reduce the sugar content.


Good Gut

Good Gut is local family run business, passionate about the health benefits of natural products that our beautiful planet provides. Good Gut Water Kefir is handcrafted, using authentic brewing methods brewed in small quantities to ensure they can give each batch the love and attention it needs. Their Water Kefir is fermented in filtered water, not pasteurized and it contains no preservatives, colorants or sweet enhancers.


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