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Woodear Tincture (Aether Herbalist & Apothecary)


Easily the strangest mushroom in our armamentarium, this gelatinous, bizarre looking mushroom is known throughout the world for its wonderful culinary uses & its extraordinary medicinal benefits. Aether Woodear Tincture is prepared with 

  • Blood tonic – assists in circulation
  • Cardiovascular tonic
  • Lowers blood pressure and clotting
  • Lowers cholesterol levels
  • Cardioprotective 

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Amounts per serving of 1ml:
Proprietary blend                +-30ml
Cultivated wood ear (Auricularia Spp) ± 15 000mg
Other ingredients: 99% Laboratory Grade Ethanol, rainwater

  • Lab-made hydro-ethanolic extract
  • Triple extracted

Directions to use: Shake gently before each use. Squeeze 1 serving (10 drops) under the tongue and hold for 15 seconds before swallowing. Take  1 to 3 times daily, or as needed. Can be taken any time of the day.
Warning: Individual results may vary. Seek the advice of a trusted health care professional for your specific health concerns. If you have a medical condition or are pregnant please consult your primary health care provider before use.

More about Wood Ear medicinal mushroom:
The first mention of wood ear mushrooms come from the Tang dynasty around 618 – 907 BCE where it is heralded as the first species to be cultivated.
It it is renowned as a great edible in times of famine in places like Hawaii, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, China & Japan – all calling it different names but with the same meaning – ear. In folk medicine it was used to treat sore throats, sore eyes & jaundice – it was boiled in milk, beer, vinegar & taken for inflammation of the throat.
In Ghana it was correctly used as a blood tonic, but by far the majority of medical history comes from ancient Asia where it was & still is used to activate blood, stop pain, & assist circulation.
Wood ear mushrooms contain some interesting phytochemicals including beta glucans, proteoglycans, adenosine & various active polysaccharides such as heteropolysaccharide glucans & acidic heteroglycans. By far its most prized & unmatched potential lies in improving the cardiovascular system.
Adenosine in wood ears show a potent inhibitory effect on platelet aggregation, blood clotting, improved blood pressure & heart health. It inhibits ADP-induced aggregation of platelets thereby warding off cerebrovascular & cardiovascular diseases. Reduced levels of serum LDL cholesterol are also seen from this fungus. Long term use has been verified to help to keep cholesterol levels in check & the various polysaccharides in this mushroom have a direct action on coagulation & blood clotting. This can help to improve circulation & may prevent heart attacks, strokes & arterial damage that can lead to heart disease. Various studies have proven that this mushroom decreases the atherogenic index by up to 40%.

Disclaimer: The product has not been evaluated by the SAPRA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Aether Herbalist & Apothecary


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