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Bio Laundry Cream Soap, 2.5L (Natural Orange)


Locally manufactured natural laundry detergent with organic Orange Essential Oil for uplifting & refreshing washing experience. Bio-friendly & completely bio-degradable. Natural Orange Bio Laundry Cream Soap is non allergenic, pet friendly, safe for septic tanks, gentle on clothing and have anti-static and degreasing properties. Will leave clothes soft without use of extra softener. Suitable for babies and people with sensitive skins.

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Natural Orange


Ingredients: Aqua, Organic Orange Essential Oil, Vegetable extract, Coconut extract, Cellulose, Caustic 0.01% for pH balance.

Directions to use:
For full 5kg wash load:
Front loader machines: 1 tablespoon (25ml) directly into the drum or in soap dispenser
Top loader machines: Dissolve 1 tablespoon (25ml) into cold or hot water, then add to laundry.
For stubborn stains: Rub Bio Laundry Soap/Cream onto stain and then add to laundy. Always follow garmet label instructions & always test clothes for colour fastness before washing.


Natural Orange

Local manufacturer of safe, natural and bio-dergradable cleaning products. Natural Orange uses only natural ingredient and organic Orange oil in their formulations. Their range includes Bio Laundry Soap and All Purpose Gel. Both products are Eco Friendly, Biodegradable, Concentrated, Non Allergenic, Pet Friendly, Septic Tank Safe and Gentle on Fabrics. Proudly made in South Africa.
Natural Orange


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