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Botanical Vinegar, Hibiscus (Rozendal Farm)


Rosendal Botanical Vinegars are Balsamic style vinegars made from a blend of red wine cultivars activated by the farm’s own indigenous “Mother” culture. Flamboyant Hibiscus and robust Rosehip, Elderflower and Vanilla bean flavour their aromatic Hibiscus Vinegar – adding a healthy piquancy to dressings, summer fruits and salsas.

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Ingredients: Red Wine Vinegar (47%), Grape Must (47%), dried Hibiscus (1.5%), dried Rosehip (1.5%), fresh Elderflower (1.5%), Vanilla pod (1.5%).

  • Unfiltered
  • 6% acidity
  • Proudly South African
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial colourants
  • No artificial flavours

Directions for use: Use in salads, marinades, pickles or as a condiment over your cooked meals, fruit salads and salsa.

More about the indigenous herbs:

  • Hibiscus: Known as roselle, Jamaican water, karkady and bissap; the flower sepals are used and consumed worldwide. It’s bursting with vitamin C, caffeine-free, it reduces cholesterol and blood pressure and enriches the immune system. It is delicately perfumed, a lovely colour and has a tantalising flavour. This magic herb? The resplendent hibiscus.
  • Elderflower: The healing properties of the elderflower (Sambucus nigra) include the reduction chest ailments, fever and inflammation.
  • Rosehip: When a rose bloom dies, the remaining fruit is called rosehip. The taste, reminiscent of cranberries, is piquant. Rosehips contain abundant Vitamins C, D and E, and make an excellent blood purifier. Use rosehips for respiratory infections, gastrointestinal discomfort and to boost the immune system.
  • Vanilla: The Melipona bee, native to Mexico, is the only creature that pollinates vanilla flowers naturally. Small wonder raw vanilla is so expensive, second only to saffron.


Rozendal Farm

The Rozendal Farm story begins in the 1980s, when Rozendal owner Kurt Ammann was still making wine – and enjoying success with his acclaimed Bordeaux blends. One year, Kurt realised that his 1988 vintage contained slightly too much volatile acidity, and this ‘flaw’ proved a happy accident – providing the perfect opportunity to venture into vinegar making. Intrigued by the quality and health benefits reported by advocates of raw, artisan vinegar; Kurt began his own endeavours with 2000 litres of ‘flawed’ wine and a commitment to time-honoured, natural processes. These were processes so slow that they would span generations – with Kurt’s children now bottling vinegars birthed by their father.


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