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Citrus C, 500ml (Oshun Health)


Oshun Health’s Citrus C is a whole fruit extract of organic oranges, lemons and baobab in a liposomal base. The product differs from the more commonly found ascorbic acid/synthetic Vitamin C’s in that it offers a natural Vitamin C together with all the synergistic effects provided by the phytochemicals and nutritional cofactors of whole fruit.

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500ml (33 servings)
Serving size: 15ml
Each serving contains:
Natural Vitamin C               75mg
(extracted from oranges, lemons and baobab)
Fulvic Acid                        175mg
Vitamin B6                     0.277mg
Thiamine                        0.352mg
Folate                             11.2mcg
Calcium                              56mg
Magnesium                     18.4mg
Potassium                        285mg
Fatty Acids                         75mg
Fibre                                     2mg
All the phytochemicals and nutritional cofactors of real fruit.

  • 100% Organic
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Contains no: fillers, additives, binders, GMO’s, Dairy
  • All ingredients sourced in South Africa.

Directions to use: Open carefully as product may be slightly fizzy.
Adults: 15ml daily
Children: 10ml daily

Storage instruction: Store below 25˚C preferably in a fridge. Do not freeze.

More about Citruc C:
Citrus C Plus is made using proprietary extraction technology that does not affect the phytochemical structure of the plant and keeps it preserved for an extended period of time. Citrus C Plus utilises our trademarked fulvisome absorption technology which means that the nutrients in Citrus C are delivered straight to the cells of the body. Because it’s a whole food supplement, Citrus C does not only contain vitamins but also the phytochemicals, nutritional cofactors, and soluble fiber present in whole fruit. These factors are important in the way the body uses nutrition.
This is important as research shows that the nutritional value of the phytochemicals in whole fruit and vegetables have been hugely underestimated. It’s been established, for instance, that the actions of antioxidant nutrients – like Vitamin C – alone cannot explain the reduced risk of developing chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease in people with diets rich in fruit and vegetables. In fact, studies on whole fruit like apples show that the Vitamin C, without the phytochemicals and other nutritional cofactors, only account for 0,4% of the very potent antioxidant value of apples. It, therefore, makes sense not to take a single supplement Vitamin C but to take the Vitamin C with all the phytochemicals in whole fruit. This is what Oshun Health’s Citrus C offers.
The other reason why it’s important to take a natural Vitamin C, instead of the synthetic ascorbic acid, is that ascorbic acid doesn’t represent Vitamin C in its entirety. It represents only the outer ring that serves as a protective shell for the entire Vitamin C complex, much like an orange peel that serves as a protective shell for an orange. Real Vitamin C found in whole foods like fruits and vegetables contains the following components: Rutin, Bioflavonoids (Vitamin P), Factor K, Factor J, Factor P, Tyrosinase, Ascorbinogen  and Ascorbic Acid.v When only ascorbic acid, as found in a synthetic Vitamin C, is taken the body must gather all of the other components of the full Vitamin C complex from the body’s tissues in order to utilise the ascorbic acid. Should the body not have adequate reserves of the other components, ascorbic acid itself does not provide any of the health benefits that the full Vitamin C complex does. Moreover, if ascorbic acid is taken in high doses, it can deplete the body of the abovementioned components.

Disclaimer: This product is not intended to treat disease or serve as a replacement for professional medical advice.


Oshun Health

Oshun is the African goddess of love and sweet water. Oshun Health is a proudly South African company and, through the name, wanted to pay homage to the really good things that come from Africa. They offer a range of natural, high-quality products which all, directly or indirectly, contribute to gut health and the maintenance of a strong immune system. They believe that there’s an inherent intelligence in nature and that natural is, therefore, better. They offer whole food, organic, rather than synthetic supplements and even the preservatives they use are natural. All their products have a firm scientific base and, where necessary, utilize our trademarked fulvisome technology for maximum absorption.


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