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Frankincense Oil, Boswelia Serrata, 22ml (Nautica Organics)


Frankincense oil, also known as olibanum, is derived from the raw tree resin via steam distillation. It is brown-yellow to clear silvery in colour and has a woody, earthy, spicy and slightly fruity aroma. This oil can be applied directly to skin or used in aromatherapy for its calming, relaxing and distressing properties.

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Ingredients: 100% Frankincense oil (Boswelia Serrata)

Directions to use: Can be applied topically, inhaled or ingested in very small amounts.
Topically: can be applied directly to skin or hair or mixed with carrier oil.
For pain relief, simply massage the oil onto the affected areas.
Aromatherapy: Add to a diffuser or a vaporizer – inhaling Frankincense oil has a positive effect on mental peace, relaxation, relieving of anxiety, anger and stress and works for treating colds and clearing up respiratory blockages.
Bath: Add to bath water for rejuvenating and calming bath experience. Or drop or two to a clean cloth to inhale the scent.
Internal use: Best to dilute a drop in edible carrier oil (coconut oil, sesame oil etc), a teaspoon of honey, or a glass of purified water.

Benefits of Frankincense Oil:

  • Promotes healthy cell regeneration and keeps existing cells and tissues healthy
  • Help treat dry skin, reverse signs of aging, and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars
  • Strengthen gums and hair roots
  • Helps with stopping bleeding wounds
  • Antiseptic, antibacterial properties – Assists with healing of cuts, acne, insect bites and boils
  • Help prevent and discharge toxins from liver and kidneys
  • Frankincense oil is considered a tonic, as it benefits all the systems operating in the body
  • Said to improve Arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis symptoms
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Powerful natural ingredient for common colds and respiratory disorders – relieve bronchitis-related congestion.

NOTE: Frankincense essential oil is not recommended for pregnant women and nursing moms, as it may induce menstruation.


Nautica Organics

Nautica Organics is a local supplier of raw natural, organic and conventional ingredients for the cosmetic industry. Nautica Organics is based in Durban KwaZulu Natal and has been dealing in organic and conventional cold pressed, refined and essential oils in South Africa since 2006. Most of the ingredients are sourced from Southern Africa. Certain oils are imported from Europe and India and Madagascar. The company carries over 200 essential oils, organic and conventional. They sell carrier oils, butters, waxes, fragrances and natural 'greener' cosmetic raw materials.
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