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Greek Style Yoghurt, 1kg (Inyamazane Farm)

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Inyamazane Farm Greek Style Yoghurt is made with full cream milk for their own Jersey cows. The animals are pasture raised and fed diet free of growth hormones and routine antibiotics. Their yoghurt is non-pasteurised and free of preservatives, thickeners and colourants. Greek Style Yoghurt is thick and creamy and makes excellent addition to fruits bowls, muesli and smoothie recipes.
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Ingredients: Full cream milk from Jersey cows, thermophilic culture

  • No preservatives
  • No thickeners
  • No colourants
  • No growth hormones
  • No antibiotics

Directions to use: Yoghurt can be eaten as is, or added to muesli, oats, fruit bowls and even in baking.


Inyamazane Farm

Inyamazane Farm was established by Linda Pheiffer in 2017 as a small scale, sustainable farming initiative in suburban area. Currently they have a small herd of Jersey cows which are pastured raised and fed diet free of growth hormones and routine antibiotics. Inyamazane Farm specializes in producing different artisan cheeses, all hand-made with their own 100% pure Jersey milk. The range includes Labneh ball, herbed Mozzarella knots, camembert and various hard cheeses. All of their produce is free of any preservatives, stabilisers and colourants.
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1 review for Greek Style Yoghurt, 1kg (Inyamazane Farm)

  1. tsebosei (verified owner)

    Grass fed makes it one of its kind I have been watching a lot of YouTube health and wellness community and that’s the reason I buy fresh food from organic choice because I learned the long term benefits of eating as close to nature as possible and as nature intended and I am grateful in South Africa we have amazing companies that carry the same belief like organic choice. Oh my word I have to say this we got Shea butter last week on my my skin dryness is gone my goodness that was on another level I still can’t believe it hubby says you better believe. Oh guys thanks I tried so many things and one thing bang it’s resolved yho too excited. Couldn’t wear clothes without itching it’s day now Tuesday since Saturday evening no itching dryness gone guys it’s amazing thank you organic choice

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