MCT Oil, 500ml (Lifematrix)


MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides and comprises primarily of caprylic & capric fatty acids. MCT oil is clear, odourless and pleasant tasting oil, occurring naturally in coconut & palm kernel oils. Supplementation with MCT oil was initially used to help treat diseases such as cystic fibrosis, obesity, and fat malabsorption.

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More recently, athletes, bodybuilders, and diet gurus have jumped on the MCT bandwagon, embracing its fat-burning and energy sustaining powers.
When MCTs are absorbed into the blood stream, they bypass the normal digestion process that fats go through and are instead metabolised immediately by the liver for energy, so they won’t be stored in the fat cells.
When a meal includes medium chain triglycerides, there is a significant increase in the number of calories burned (thermogenic effect). When more calories are used, fewer are stored as fat, which helps to reduce body fat levels.

Bullet-proof coffee:
It’s the latest cuppa for a high-performance lifestyle: coffee with MCT oil & butter. Even better if you add a little raw honey. This drink is catching on like wildfire amongst performers, athletes and business executives.

Preparation: Brew your favourite cup of coffee – filter coffee, expresso or a plunger. Pour it into a blender. Add 1 full ts of unsalted organic or free range butter and 1 ts of MCT oil. Honey may be added too. Blend for 10 seconds and enjoy!



Functional foods are at the heart of the Lifematrix offering. This Proudly South African brand is pioneering in the field of clean, specialist proteins and leading the market with innovative products such as Purple Protein Collagen, Pure MCTs and a variety of vegan proteins.
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