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Grapefruit Essential Oil, 22ml (Nautica Organics)


Grapefruit essential oil is a potent extract derived from the peel of the grapefruits (Citrus paradis). Having been used for centuries to help beat inflammation, weight gain, sugar cravings and even hangover symptoms, it’s considered a natural stress-fighter, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant food and anti-carcinogenic. The aroma of this oil is clean, fresh and a little bitter.

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Ingredients: 100% Grapefruit essential oil (Star Ruby)
Country of origin: South Africa

Directions to use: Grapefruit oil is an essential oil and should always be used diluted in a carrier oil.

Grapefruit essential oil benefits include:

  • Disinfecting surfaces
  • Cleansing the body
  • Reducing depression
  • Stimulating the immune system
  • Decreasing fluid retention
  • Curbing sugar cravings
  • Helping with weight loss

Grapefruit oil is naturally high in antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress and disease inflammation within the gut. Many of grapefruit essential oil’s benefits are due to one of its main constituents called limonene (which makes up about 88% to 95% of the oil). Limonene is known to be a tumour-fighting, cancer-preventative phytochemical that protects DNA and cells from damage. In addition to limonene, grapefruit essential oil contains other powerful antioxidants, including vitamin C, myrcene, terpinene, pinene and citronellol.
Most commonly, grapefruit oil is used to fight throat and respiratory infections, fatigue, muscle aches, as well as a natural remedy for arthritis.
It’s also been used consistently by those working to lose weight. It’s said to help increase energy levels and metabolism, plus it also can help curb sugar cravings.
As a natural detoxification agent, grapefruit oil can help the liver cleanse the body of toxins and waste, plus it can activate your lymphatic system and control fluid retention.
Grapefruit oil has the signature taste and smell of citrus fruits, which makes it a popular ingredient in natural household cleaner products and homemade beauty lotions, soaps or cosmetics.


Nautica Organics

Nautica Organics is a local supplier of raw natural, organic and conventional ingredients for the cosmetic industry. Nautica Organics is based in Durban KwaZulu Natal and has been dealing in organic and conventional cold pressed, refined and essential oils in South Africa since 2006. Most of the ingredients are sourced from Southern Africa. Certain oils are imported from Europe and India and Madagascar. The company carries over 200 essential oils, organic and conventional. They sell carrier oils, butters, waxes, fragrances and natural 'greener' cosmetic raw materials.
Nautica Oils


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