Banana Cider Vinegar (Adore Nature)


Banana Cider Vinegar is 100% natural, non-filtered vinegar which is rich of beneficial probiotics and contains the mother. Banana Cider Vinegar is made with only 1 ingredient: bananas. It is fermended over 1 year and has milder taste than Apple Cider Vinegar. This locally made condiment is not pasteurised and can be used as a drinking vinegar diluted with water, soda or juice or used is any recipe that calls for good quality, natural vinegar.

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Ingredients: bananas

  • Not pasteurised
  • Non irradiated
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial flavour or colourants

Directions to use: Use is any recipe that calls for a good quality pure vinegar. Drink it diluted in water or soda, or ad to marinates, soups, stir fry, sushi etc.

Possible Health Benefits of Banana Cider Vinegar

  • Beautiful Skin: Banana cider vinegar contains antioxidants that suppresses active oxygen in the body and prevents cell aging. Banana vinegar is also rich in polyphenol compounds that eliminates wrinkles on the skin and enhances elasticity.
  • Digestion: Banana cider vinegar helps to stimulate acid production in the stomach and improve digestion in general.
  • Combating constipation: Banana vinegar contains amylase which degrades carbohydrates and improves digestion relieving the effects of constipation.
  • Reducing of swelling: Potassium is abundant in banana vinegar which makes blood vessels sturdy and helps to circulate the blood. Taking Banana Cider Vinegar may help with release of sodium accumulated in the body, helping to remove swelling usually in the hands and feet.
  • Removal of toxins: Heavy metals may accumulate in your body due to industrial air pollution that attaches to fine dust particles. Poor and unbalanced diets furthermore lead to a build-up of unhealthy toxins in the digestive process. Banana vinegar has active properties to assist in the breakdown and removal of toxins from the body.


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