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Naked Collagen, 360g (Beauty Gen)


Beauty Gen’s Naked Collagen Powder helps to decrease the visible signs of aging. The smaller, more easily digestible peptides are identical to the ones found in the body that decrease as we age. Beauty Gen’s Naked Collagen powder helps to boost wellness and mobility; enhances the health of your bones and joints and can also improve your athletic performance. It is pure collagen which is free from added ingredients, is neutral in taste, and can be smoothly integrated into your daily diet.

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Ingredients: Peptan Collagen
Allergens: None

Directions for use: Mix a single serving of Naked Collagen® into your favourite food or drink (sweet or savoury), blend into smoothies, mix into oats or soups, stir into water or juice, or add into tea or coffee

Typical amino acids per 100g of protein:

  • Alanine                   8,1
  • Arginine                  8,4
  • Aspartic Acid           6,6
  • Glutamic Acid          12,4
  • Glycine                   20,6
  • *Histidine                0,8
  • Hydroxyproline        11,4
  • *Isoleucine             1,5
  • *Leucine                 2,9
  • *Lysine                   3,4
  • *Methionine            0,6
  • *Phenylalanine        2,1
  • Proline                   11,5
  • Serine                    3,4
  • *Threonine             1,9
  • Tyrosine                 0,5
  • *Valine                   2,4

*Essential Amino Acids


Beauty Gen

Beauty Gen® is a local Durban company creating high quality collagen beauty products. Beauty Gen® believe is that true beauty is healthy, wholesome and holistic – and that healthy skin comes from within. Their collagen-based product range provides a beauty solution that works from the inside out. They Collagen powders combined Peptan® collagen with 4 other key beautifying ingredients into a single product, nourishing your body from the inside so it can shine on the outside.
Beauty Gen


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